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  1. Wrong skills listed in the Research tree

    Changed Status to Fixed
  2. [String] Dead link for Lumber

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. [String] Incorrect link - Arbor Tree

    Changed Status to Fixed Thanks! This'll be changed in the next hotfix
  4. Changed Status to Closed
  5. Changed Status to Fixed Good point, thanks @SirSquiding
  6. Small text typo

    Changed Status to Fixed Thanks!
  7. string issue ( 356355 )

    Changed Status to Fixed Thanks @Crapig!
  8. String Missing in Personal Journal: B835

    Changed Status to Fixed Thanks!
  9. Hmmm! This should have been changed in the last hotfix. Can I ask what build # you're on?
  10. Typoes!

    Changed Status to Fixed Thanks @Edemkee
  11. Changed Status to Fixed Thanks @Radam
  12. Yep! Jodi McClintock was renamed to Olivia Broussard so that folks encountering lore for the first time after release would have an easier time distinguishing between her and Jackie in entries where both characters were speaking together. There have also been quite a few changes to database entries overall, such that there should now be enough pieces of the puzzle available for a curious mind to draw their own conclusions about what exactly happened at Gravitas that got our Dupes to where they are today.
  13. Changed Status to Closed Thanks @Crapig, this one's as designed
  14. string issue (353289 -> 353781)

    Changed Status to Fixed Thanks @Crapig!
  15. Fixed the Reset Port. Main bug is ongoing