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As we all know,the Gorge's beta should be releasing today,yet either ways,theres one very important thing we have overlooked,we must...
 Nickname the Gnaw.

heres how I think we should do it,lets compile some name suggestions then make a little pool voting to what should be its official nickname among these forums,who is up for that?



EDIT:: For now we have:

  1. > Gary
  2. > Jeff
  3. > Gorman
  4. > Barathrum
  5. > Giant Hungry mouth
  6. > The last hungry hungry Hippo
  7. > Nibbles
  8. > Wang
  9. > Vortex of Impending doom
  10. > Patrick
  11. > The Hole
  12. fat_lazy_freeloader_who_should_get_a_job_and_buy_his_own_food
  13. > Garfield
  14. > Scary mouth




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