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  1. 1. Youre saying that we shouldnt change the game because the old content is classic, this is completely illogical. If you want to keep playing the current live version of the game: go on the internet, search dst download free and download the current version. Since this won't be from steam it wont update and youll have the chance to play that version forever. 2. This is the same exact thing as number 1. 3. Now this is completely understandable, although i do hope klei makes the old saves playable, either without the new content which is more likely or perhaps they could make some legacy version of the game like many other games have done in the past which would have the sole purpose of running old saves. I do agree that a lot of people will be upset if they lose their saves, but still, it doesnt make sense for the whole current community and the players that will join because of new updates to miss out on content because a small amount of people have old megabases. 4. At this point singleplayer and dst arent really comparable. Klei has gone completely different ways to develop both games. Ds has much bigger expansions that change the basics of the game while dst has updates that add on to whats already there. You really cant say that ds singleplayer is missing features that are in dst, because if we go by that logic dst is only 1/3 of ds singleplayer. What i want to say is that we should look forward to changes to the game, after all these years klei still gives us more content pretty consistently. Saying that something should remain as it is because thats the way its been for a long time and its considered classic doesnt make sense.
  2. What's the point of changing the game mechanics to create a problem?
  3. I hope coffee never gets added to dst. Rubberbanding is already a big enough problem.
  4. That would never ever happen, speed boost + full stats + dmg reduction is way, way, way too op for 1/5 of a book made of poop and seeds. I would like it if they made him bloom the speed boost, maybe at the cost of extra hunger drain would be very nice.
  5. Willow has full immunity to fire yeet
  6. New item coming soon

    Damn I was really convinced I didnt have any mods on tho. Sry this was my mistake, I didnt mean to spread any false hype or anything.
  7. New item coming soon

    http://imgur.com/gallery/3Yr1iCK here
  8. New item coming soon

    Alright, got the screenshots, all thanks to my friend @TheBois.
  9. New item coming soon

    I didn't take a screenshot, I didn't think the item would be removed.
  10. New item coming soon

    I'll try to spawn it in if I find it's spawn name. There wouldn't be any point in lying, there's nothing to gain.
  11. On Wortox's launch day I was messing around with creative commands, testing out his abilities and stuff like that, and on the magic tab there was a new item, I can't remember it's name but it had to do with beefalo and it required the iridescent gem. It was something about protecting the beefs or smth like that. I'm pretty sure this will be added within the next few updates. I can't find it in the craftin tabs anymore, so I'm guessing Klei removed it in one of the patches. Also has this always been in the game, it's called a friend-o-matic and I spawned it in with commands.
  12. Well if u heal 20 times for 20 hp, u get up to 400hp. Now wx already can already get that much, and even if not maxed out, if you keep a few gears in ur inv u can heal for 60hp per gear. That on top of being able to heal for a full 40hp from pierogi makes wx already have an easier time with health during a bossfight, and being 50% faster means much easier kiting. Woflgang has 300hp, double dmg, and 25% faster speed, and if played correclty he can use any healing item 33% more efficiently. Teleporting in a fight means that you have to choose between healing or dodging. Imo Wortox isnt overpowered as there are characters with much more potential. What id like to see from the new characters and the reworks are some interesting features. Wortox isnt that interesting for me, because his abilities are pretty basic, kill enemies, heal/eat, teleporting feels like a gimmick that was thrown on at the last second. Something I havent seen anyone mention is that Wortox basically has a 2x hunger mutliplier as he needs to consume 2 times the food of any normal character a day. For example, i really like playing wickerbottom, wendy, woodie because they have interesting mechanics. I really dont like playing wolfgang even though hes one of the strongest characters in the game, just because hes so simple, all you do is 1 thing which you are the best at. Wilba from hamlet is also really interesting because her werewolf form is very strong if controlled correctly but it can also be a curse if youre low on food and a full moon happens to come by. Overall i think klei shouldnt limit themselves on their creativity just so the characters are balanced and they should take their time in making each character interesting and fun to play, with at least a bit of end game potential.