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  1. Hello Klei, I've been dealing with ping problems in this game since i started playing when the beta came out. I got really mad this week because me and my friend can't even play after spending 100+ days in our world. He loggs in and every action he does performs 10-15 seconds after. That is absolutely unplayable. I did a little bit of googling and i found out that there is quite a lot of people having the same problem. In fact maybe even like an half of players of the game. Few guys found a solution working for them. They said to delete map files, because the more the host explores, the more the other players lag. That is true. I am hosting the server and i don't lag. In the TAB menu, My ping is always green (3/3 bars) and my friends pings too. Even when they have the best connection, they get insane lags. The lags are bigger and bigger every time i explore a bit more. So i think these guys have a point. But one thing really freaked me out. That post was from 2015! So if i am right, there is more than 2 years old issue, which may be one of the biggest issues with your game, because it ruins so much fun, and you haven't fixed it yet? Please, do something with this one... I can't even enjoy the game without having my map totally wiped. P.S.: I forgot to mention the FPS issue. But essential for me is the ping one. I have a pretty good computer for this game (GTX 960M, 8GB RAM, i5) and i get like 20-30 FPS in game... why is that? I can't even kite a pig... The FPS are fine when i start a new world, never went under 60. The problem starts when i start progressing in the game, etc. building stuff and exploring. On the 130th day, i have explored the entire map and built a small/medium base and i went from 60+ FPS to 25-45. Please do something about these things... It really ruins all the fun. Thanks for further assistance, Your loyal player and one of the biggest fans of the game, Peter
  2. Whenever i enter the caves (no matter from where), i get 1 fps and all mobs spawns right next to the cave entrance... Can i detect which mod causes that? Or is it not because of mod? Screenshot:
  3. @Zillvr Thanks, I'm going to message him. It was because Advanced Tooltips mod, as @Muche mentioned.
  4. Thanks @Muche, i will try disabling that mod though i use it alot
  5. I think i solved it. It was caused by [T] Map Plugins(DST). I removed this mod and i did not get songle crash in 10 minutes.
  6. Hey @Zillvr, I created new server without any server mods and it didn't crash on the first day, but on modded server, it started crashing in +- 15 days.... client_log.txt: server_log.txt:
  7. Hey, i keep getting crashes more and more frequently, now i can not even play, because when i launch my server, it crashes within a minute. I'm not sure if it's because of some mod, i have like 12 mods turned on and every mod is good rated and used alot. I copied my client_log.txt here: because for any reason, i keep getting error -200 when i try ti attach it. Thank you for your help