The Circus!

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I just had a crazy idea. And I know this doesnt fit into the whole survival theme very well. but I just thought that it is PERFECT for the atmosphere.

In short: The Circus should come to town! (Not a happy circus, but a dark cicus, a circus that you imagine roaming the dirty streets of London at the same time that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were around.)

Im thinking about this as some kind of rare, random event. Maybe if you dig up certain objekts from the graves and combine them or give them to someone special. Then you have a small chance that the cirkus will arrive on the day after a full moon.

And they arrive via boat or a bridge that only thay can make visible, or something (Details on how you get them to come and how they get there arent really imortant) And they would stay for a few days before leaving again.

Anyways.They would live in a small caravan consisting of two or three dodgy veichles pulled by a few worn down beefalos. About the same style as the pig houses but more colors and more weird details.

While they are there you can trade things or gamble if you go to the caravan. But you can also bump into the cirkus people that will be wandering around the islands, gathering items, looking around, maybe visiting your camp trying to kill you or steal your stuff?

There would be the cirkus director with his top hat and trusty pet monkey. He will perform the tradings at the caravan. The bearded lady who will attack you and shave off your beatiful beard! The strong man, Wolfgangs long lost brother? Friendly if you are friendly. But gets uncontrolably angry if he is upset. A fortune teller who will reveal secrets of the islands. The creepy mime who never speaks. He also plays a tricky three-cups-one-ball-game. And of course, the evilest of clowns...

I cant draw worth anything so you just have to imagine what they look like :)

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To make the Cirkus more feasible from a 'stranded all alone' perspective, perhaps they could all be ghosts or something similar? They could all arrive out of the ground at graveyards and leave the same way, or enter in a ship that rises out of the water and sinks back into it when they leave. This way, there would no question about why the player couldn't simply leave with them.

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Like the idea, and as someone in here stated, it would make you feel that much more alone when they suddenly leave, with no trace they were ever there in the first place. Would add to the feel of questioning ones sanity when alone.

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