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  1. No worries, your English was fine. Thanks for clearing that up. Your photo made me think for a moment the horns had received a giant buff of sorts. Imagine blowing that thing anywhere on the map and having a herd of beefalo charge to your rescue from all directions. Would be pretty sweet.
  2. So.... did you lead groups of them across the map? Or is this a result of the new long distance pathfinding... and you blew it in one spot and they just came from all over the place?
  3. I really have to disagree with most of this. In a game about survival and resource management there should be no such thing as a "luxury item". Most everything should have a beneficial use on top of it's aesthetic appeal. The idea these items were intended to be useless is way off the mark in my opinion. The idea of "showing off" in a single player game (easily moddable) is beyond me as well.
  4. You can explore and pick up resources with a torch equipped. Sure, the light radius sucks, but it also keeps you slightly warm. It's a heckova lot cheaper too. The only real use I've seen for the mining hat is to collect more fireflies...for more mining hats.
  5. I've been playing this game for many an update now, and not once have I ever built a jack-o-lantern. I have always been tempted, but the idea of losing the fireflies and the overall cost has always been too steep. Why build the jack-o-lantern when I can just toss a bunch of fireflies on the ground? Not only are they permanent this way, they are more attractive. I used to build mining hats. Until I realized they sat idle 99 percent of the time and were only really useful as a split second emergency backup source. Torches can act as this backup just the same. Plus, with your head now requiring a beefalo hat half the time, and your body the backpack over half the time, the torch becomes that much more your go-to backup light source. I would rather items like the jack-o-lantern be more expensive to craft but with a much much longer lasting (or even permanent) effect. It's clear these items aren't in any way overpowered as is, considering most people don't even bother with the things. Kind of a shame.
  6. Let's see your lvl 100 Screenshots

    This is a tad...past the century mark, but I never got a chance to show it off, so here it is! I did this shortly before offing myself to begin a new world. This was before the 4 save files were implemented:
  7. Lightning, yeah wuhu -_-

    I have yet to get a chance to play the new update but I can already say... random destruction of forests or cropfields that are pretty much entirely out of your hands is NOT cool!
  8. Adventure Mode Progress

    Shouldn't the clock be set in the adventure mode worlds? I seem to have gone from massive evenings to winter during which there were massive nights...back to massive evenings again. This is adventure world 1. Will I ever see summertime? I don't think I've seen a day that takes up even a quarter of the clock.
  9. Mosquitos

    If Birch trees were added, their bark contains an oil that is known for repelling mosquitoes. I'd like to see some more variation in trees. Deciduous trees that turn beautiful colours in the fall and shed their leaves!
  10. Mosquitos

    I don't know if covering yourself in **** and decay would necessarily repel insects.
  11. Faces... FACES!!!

    Are the deerclops eyeballs good for anything else other than making these faces? Is there an intended use I am missing, or will this be implemented later? These faces are awesome by the way, I'll have to try my hand out at one of these!
  12. I agree it doesn't make much sense to have the actual saplings in the game be an entirely different entity...doomed to never grow into a full tree. If I want twigs I am likely snapping off the old dry brush from the biggest trees or foraging on the forest floor. I would never dream of coming across a sapling in actuality and tearing it's tender little shoots off.
  13. Working in construction I had to pry up some frozen earth just the other day. Winter gardening is also a legitimate hobby... but I digress.
  14. My argument was that I simply assume common sense before assuming something entirely different. Knowing pine trees continue to grow during the Winter, I assumed in Don't Starve they would continue to grow during Winter. It doesn't make sense to claim that because some aspects of a video game are unrealistic, that you should assume an unrealistic possible conclusion for every other facet of that game. Yes, the pine cones immediately turn into little saplings... but does that mean you're going to try to light your fires with water now? Hell no, because you know, even in an unrealistic game, that water pretty likely won't burn.
  15. That is a ridiculous argument. You can still use a certain amount of common sense when it comes to how the game will function. When you first played this game and needed a log for a fire, did you think to yourself, "hmm... I know logs come from trees but...this game has talking pigs! surely then my logs must come from a completely unrelated source that is not grounded in reality whatsoever!" Probably not. That is completely backwards logic.