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  1. I think throwing spears are reasonable, as long as they're crafted differently than regular spears, perhaps requiring more wood (the regular spear is way too crooked to function as a javelin). And you are losing the spear once it's thrown, so that's actually massive resource consumption over time.
  2. I like to carefully map everything out, build a sustainable home base with fast-growing crops, a crock pot, and everything I'll need for indefinite survival...and then use Willow to BURN THE WHOLE WORLD TO THE GROUND
  3. We have to subdivide these ideas a bit: different playstyles by which 'points' of some kind are earned is independent of character-specific items. I think there's definitely room in the current system for rewards based on specific playstyles, such as encouraging Wilson to research items, Willow to burn items, Wolfgang to break things and/or beat them up, etc. I'm not so sure creating character-specific items would work as well, though perhaps characters could alter universal items in specific ways (I really like the idea of Willow's burning sword/armor, for example). So in summary: -definitely reward characters in different ways, rather than making research universal. -perhaps use character-specific items or character-specific alterations to universal items as the reward(s).
  4. Thematically, the science machine and alchemy engine clearly are not intended for Willow, Wendy, or Wolfgang (especially not for Wolfgang). This makes me think that it was originally intended specifically for Wilson, but that the research system and special crafting recipes became too central to confine to one character. Since the research system is now apparently on the ropes, perhaps it's a good time to re-evaluate what these devices do. I propose that instead of everyone receiving a bonus for putting materials into the science machine, each character should have a unique way of receiving bonuses. Wilson could simply research everything, as usual. Perhaps Willow could get bonuses for setting things on fire, Wendy could get bonuses for something involving graves, and Wolfgang could get bonuses for killing enemies in combat. Such a system could shape the player's behavior with each character in a more controlled manner, creating greater variation in playstyle between characters and allowing for greater levels of optimization depending on how strictly the player adheres to the character's nature. Just looking at how happy Willow gets when a large tree burns, it feels like there should be some tangible indication of that. Same goes for Wolfgang beating the crap out of enemies, and so on.
  5. Modding a game is not cheating, it's adding replay value and variety. If I want a challenge, I'll play the game as it was designed to be played. If I want something else, I'll either play a different game, in which case this game loses my business, or I'll mod it, if I'm given the option, in which case the game retains my business. Many successful games, from Half-Life 2 to Minecraft, are moddable. It does not in any way detract from the core game experience, but can do a lot to add to the game overall.
  6. If everyone is gaining the ability to resurrect, and Wilson is gaining a backpack that (I presume) only he can wear, will the beard still have a purpose? It's sort of implied that Wilson's 'ability' is creating the effigy, which no one else can do. I can only assume the effigy will no longer be necessary, and Wilson's getting the backpack to make up for it. But what of his beard?
  7. Stupid me, I didn't check to see how old this thread was. Sorry for necro'ing it.
  8. You have to be patient. Personally, I think it's an interesting idea; it's essentially an animal version of the Tree Guard. The difference is, you can easily run from the Tree Guard, and it does not destroy resources. Since it is essentially a random event, would a faster Tree Guard that eats your food really be fair?
  9. It would be nice to see a character that can give flowers to animals to befriend them the way meat can be used to befriend pigs. Possible benefits: -the ability to ride tallbirds, allowing for faster travel; this would require crafting a saddle that falls off when the tallbird loses interest -the ability to have beefalo move structures for you; this would require crafting a harness that falls off when the beefalo loses interest As the bestiary increases, I'm sure many more possibilities will open up. I just don't have the heart to steal a tallbird's egg or attack a beefalo, and I would like to see a character that shares the sentiment.
  10. For me, she spawned in a graveyard. Maybe she spawns more consistently in graveyards?
  11. If you stand in the darkness, she will start a small fire after 3-4 seconds. You'll hear the 'velociraptor' noise of approaching enemies, but the fire will kick in before they reach you and deal damage. This was added in a recent update; until now, she didn't have special abilities.
  12. In my experience, pigs only stay loyal for 1-2 days after being fed, at which point they get hungry, demand more food, and promptly abandon you like the shameless gold-diggers they are. You can feed them more meat at any time to make them follow you again for a day or two.I have only fed them monster meat. I don't know if other kinds of meat, cooked or uncooked, make them follow you longer.
  13. It's worth noting that structures you build, even the ones that would logically be flammable, will not burn. This includes the science machine, alchemy engine, farm plots, pig houses, tents, bee boxes, and most importantly, chests. Store all your flammable goods in the chests to keep Willow from accidentally setting them on fire. The only things you can't protect from her are planted trees, berry bushes, and saplings. You'll just have to be careful and stay away from those. Also, keep in mind that while setting an entire forest on fire is very, very fun, those trees are gone for good. It will take a lot of patience and replanting from level-3 pines (2 pinecones each) to repopulate that forest. Otherwise, it's gone for good, and this will hurt your long-term survival odds if done repeatedly. Grass that is set on fire likewise will not grow back, and is gone permanently. Unlike trees, there's no way of replanting it, so it's a non-renewable resource in that sense.
  14. To make the Cirkus more feasible from a 'stranded all alone' perspective, perhaps they could all be ghosts or something similar? They could all arrive out of the ground at graveyards and leave the same way, or enter in a ship that rises out of the water and sinks back into it when they leave. This way, there would no question about why the player couldn't simply leave with them.