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Symbols on the flags


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After playing a lot of matches, I noticed the flags that hand on the islands in the Forge. There are 5 different ones (at least I didn't notice more), each with a different color and symbol:


What do you think, do they mean anything? And if so, what are they?

The green flag definitely looks like a symbol of the Forge to me. The pink one's circle reminded me the sign the Gladiator Maxwell has on his head... and the first one looks similar to the Ancient king. Or maybe the Boarrior?...

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ooh i've notcied that too!

1st one looks like the Boariorr

2nd one does look like Maxwell's arcane symbol

3rd one appears to be the anvil strike symbol

4th not sure on this one, could be a hand and long arm wrapping around but it's hard to make out

5th definitely looks like the life blossom plant

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15 hours ago, Zeklo said:

I mentioned this during the beta. On mobile atm so I'm not gonna ramble now, but here is the clean image.


The Yellow one looks like the symbol pugna has on his chest.

The Blue is definitely life blossom.

 The Purple reminds me of the crocomanders shield standard, the color is also very similar.

 The Green one seems to be the symbol of the forge. 

And I have no idea what Red is...

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