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  1. They said it'd come with the first content update at the end of the month.
  2. On Examination Quotes

    Also, there's this bit of cuteness from Webber: Billy- "Hi! I'm Webber!"
  3. Apparently imps are really secretive about their knowledge: Birds of the World- "Humans share their knowledge so freely." On Tentacles- "Imps don't disseminate precious knowledge so carelessly." Also, these two quotes could be of note: Glommer (sleeping)- "If only I were a sleep demon." Shadow Thurible- "Ooo! Smells like fire and brimstone!" Note that the Thurible also smells like chemicals for Wilson, burnt hair for Willow, roses for Maxwell, and gasoline for Winona, and Webber notes that "it gets really hot". The scent definitely changes to ones significant to the observer, but I'm still not quite sure what kind of feelings it's supposed to induce in them. Nostalgia, maybe?
  4. Maybe the in-game changes will be spider-related, but we'll get to see his farm life in the short.
  5. On Examination Quotes

    Charlie even has a "-..." comment to that.
  6. On Examination Quotes

    Wortox has several quotes talking about how he can't touch things with his hands (or he'll suck their souls out), but the Ewelet line in particular stood out to me: "Just know that I'm petting you in my mind."
  7. On Examination Quotes

    Wolfgang: Boulder- "Everyone watch! Wolfgang will deadlift!" Wilson: Wolfgang Ghost- "I told you you couldn't deadlift that boulder, %s. The numbers were all wrong."
  8. Is this because anything with a health bar is set to release souls or something?
  9. Maxwell's have been in there since the time of Cyclum and ANR, while Winona's Maxwell Statue quote was in there as early as her March 2017 speech file leak.
  10. Leaked poster news!

    I think that's the case (for example, there's no way someone as knowledgeable as Maxwell would think a Lantern could do anything against Them).
  11. Leaked poster news!

    No, this is real-world time, unless Charlie and Maxwell were doing magic acts in the Constant.
  12. Leaked poster news!

    Anyway, if Charlie's letter refers to Winona's Voxola job, then we have a timeline snarl of sorts. Charlie got sucked in back in 1906, and the Voxola factory only operated for a few days in 1919.
  13. Hopefully it'll be Thursday next week.
  14. Also, is anyone paying attention to the title? What does "Next of Kin" mean here?
  15. Maybe we'll see the "crazy" 1906-1910 period for Maxwell (along with hopefully more Charlie speech file comments), and either his antics in the Constant or what his life was like before getting dragged in for Wilson.