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  1. On Examination Quotes

    Woodie seems to be pointing out a common player habit: "A nice change of pace from meatballs." (Creamy Potato Purée)
  2. I hope this doesn't turn into one of those stir-crazy 20 posts a minute waiting threads, but it's probably going to happen anyway.
  3. On Examination Quotes

    Oh, I just remembered WX's announcement when Klaus gets enraged- "I FLEE BECAUSE I WANT TO, NOT BECAUSE I'M SCARED"
  4. On Examination Quotes

    Well, there's WX's "ABSOLUTELY NOT." for the the plank on a boat.
  5. On Examination Quotes

    Maxwell being irresponsible here: Wilson on an End Table with an old light source- "Did we remember to pick up new bulbs?" Maxwell on the same thing- "I believe it is Wilson's turn to fetch bulbs." Wickerbottom proving that Maxwell is lazy when it comes to doing chores- "It is Maxwell's turn to procure bulbs. I've it written down right here."
  6. I hope that if the in-game content is delayed, we can at least watch the cinematic. But that's just a hope.
  7. Anyway, April 25 seems to be the only Thursday left in the month, so I think there's a good chance that this is the day we're getting those updates.
  8. They said it'd come with the first content update at the end of the month.
  9. On Examination Quotes

    Also, there's this bit of cuteness from Webber: Billy- "Hi! I'm Webber!"
  10. On Examination Quotes

    Charlie even has a "-..." comment to that.
  11. On Examination Quotes

    Wortox has several quotes talking about how he can't touch things with his hands (or he'll suck their souls out), but the Ewelet line in particular stood out to me: "Just know that I'm petting you in my mind."
  12. On Examination Quotes

    Wolfgang: Boulder- "Everyone watch! Wolfgang will deadlift!" Wilson: Wolfgang Ghost- "I told you you couldn't deadlift that boulder, %s. The numbers were all wrong."
  13. Hopefully it'll be Thursday next week.
  14. On Examination Quotes

    Winona's new Spotlight quote is getting at something in me, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be funny or sad (or both): "Sorry, Charlie."
  15. Can we also see the Merm picture from two weeks ago?