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  1. Not sure it's fake, it might be Wendy hallucinating or imagining things. The shot from the bottom of the cliff seems to show that there wasn't enough space behind that big rock for the flower bush to fit in, so Abigail might've actually died when she fell off. The bush was probably Wendy's imagination, or some older memory layered onto the scene.
  2. Can we also see the Merm picture from two weeks ago?
  3. Just a quick little doodle. In hindsight, I'm wondering if I should have used Snow Chester instead.
  4. I hope this doesn't turn out like the Winona leak last year...
  5. By the way, is there any chance that the Bunnyman from Week 5 can be posted as well?
  6. I think that's supposed to refer to a specific song pattern, where the same melody is sung by multiple people starting at different times, creating a staggered effect.