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Hello! I'm Thememime from tumblr and I've never posted art on forums before, but I rlly wanted to share art here too! :>

There's a lot of Wes and Wilson, because they're my favourite characters in the game, but I'll get around drawing the whole cast eventually! Everyone is so charming and funny... So far I also drew Maxwell, Charlie, Wx-78 and Willow (with Bernie).











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5 hours ago, minespatch said:

Your work is Great! Some of them have a Disney/early 00s Dreamworks vibe from their execution. Really like your interpretation of Wes, different but as a cockiness to him.


Have you checked out the comic The Glass Scientists?

Oh, I did just now that you told me about it! Beautiful comic :]

thank you! Oh, I would love to work on a Don't Starve animated feature. The characters alone would make an iconic cartoon cast.

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16 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

Eyy, I've seen some of these before (only some) the rest are awesome ^_^

Welcome to the forums :)

I posted a lot of these on tumblr! I might post special things just here though! Thank you :)

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