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  1. Shadow *jazz* Hands

    Hai guys I write this post to tell you that I'm still alive and I'm currently struggling to find some time to do art. You probably notice that I'm hardly around lately. That's because I'm having a hard time adjusting to life here in the States since I arrived 3 weeks ago. This is my first time coming and I can tell that there's really a HUGE difference in the way people live here. I'll be starting school this August and I can't promise I'll be able to make time for art anymore. But I'd like you guys to know that I'm really happy to get the opportunity to post art in this forum (your welcome @JanH and thank you for the mention BTW). Watch out though, I might still be lurking
  2. Yes!!! Wickerbottom finally does the piledriver :DDDDD Nice animation btw
  3. Love her expression. So confident
  4. Don't Starve Comics

    LOL Auto cucumber XD. Wilson needs an eyebrella.
  5. Aww it's okay. Although i was able to see the latter part of this thread, i always find your spooder arts adorable. I'll miss seeing more spooderz. 'Til then QAQ
  6. TOUCHDOWN!!!! :DD Your scraps are amusing nevertheless. I used to play metal slug during my elementary student days. Good 'ol times.
  7. LOL Wilson looks wasted XD.
  8. Whoa WX-78 has been upgraded to WX-2000. I've heard quite a few robotics companies in Spain. I wonder what their robotics technology is like.
  9. Aww look at him he's so chill. Little does he know that he'll soon become an unsuspecting victim for the shadow loch ness monster D:
  10. Just what I said, literally XD Spain's known for growing a lot of tomatoes right? Does Webber like tomatoes? Does he detest tomatoes? XD
  11. Sunny Spain How would webber react with tomatoes?
  12. If he had a ladybug colored backpack, he could be a ladybug. XD
  13. Shadow *jazz* Hands

    Thanks. Wilson is actually the same one with the beard drawn over. Just made a few adjustments on his attire and his left foot position.
  14. Shadow *jazz* Hands

    Actually i just shaded his arm band and extended it a little bit to cover half his palms. Also thank you for your remark on Maxwell.
  15. Shadow *jazz* Hands

    Yet another intermission... It's been a while since I posted something. I'm supposed to be busy with stuff lately but I can't help but zone out once in a while. XD I have been struggling with male anatomy and dapper outfits so i tried to practice with Maxwell's stance: Somehow managed to nail it... Then remember this last post where i drew Wilson holding a torch? Revisited this work and tried making a few revisions according to my newfound insights on sleeveles jacketed men suits. As you can see, he's getting rather weary. On the bright side grew one beard wiser Gosh i still have a lot to learn. Truth be told i see a lot of things in my works that need amends as i learn more about drawing stuff. I would also like the viewers to know that comments and criticisms are welcome ^^. I'd really appreciate it.