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      [UPDATED] Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      We are now ready to accept claims for PS4 Megapack replacements.  Once again, our deepest appologies for this entire situation. We understand that your purchase of the Megapack was a show of support by our fans, many of which already owned the game. Please know that we have done our best to push as hard as we can for a quick and fair resolution to this issue. This has taken WAY too long to be resolved but we have done everything in our power to make sure our fans get what they purchased.   We are going to use the voucher codes we have been using to provide the digital version to claim the physical replacement discs. For North America, we are handling these requests directly through our own store with help from our friends at IndieBox. Claims will be handled at no cost to you. For claims outside of North America, 505 will be taking your information and processing your claims.  Those who purchased the Megapack after 4/26/2018 should have been given a voucher at the time of purchase on your receipt.  Those who purchased before 4/26/2018 or did not get a code otherwise can contact us for a voucher code that will entitle them to the digital megapack and can be used to claim the physical replacement discs. We have been handing those out for a while now, but if you are in this category and have not requested a code, you can do so here: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2935839-physical-mega-pack-disc-support-information Once you have a voucher code:
      For purchasers in Europe (SIEE). To make a claim you will need to make file a claim through 505 here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckru65CWkXH5RZ_3j2f5_h1djNiAyrl8R0PCvdKPmGwItyvA/viewform For purchasers in North America (SIEA). To make a claim you will use our support site and use the voucher code to claim a replacement here: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/articles/2952265-ps4-faulty-disc-claim If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know here on this thread or contact us at livesupport@kleientertainment.com Thank you.   


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  1. Shadow *jazz* Hands

    No unfortunately it's gonna be cropped that way. Yes Wilson's fishing and Webber's just chasing butterflies Did my best to make webber's features stand out with just the whites thank you XD
  2. Shadow *jazz* Hands

    Hi guys. Miss me? If so then here's some art Sorry about the unwarranted hiatus. Need to take care of a lot of school work and stuff. But I got the opportunity to learn how to transition from paper scribbles to digital (hooray). So here I have a practice SAI sketch of Wilson and Webber just hanging out doing their stuff. I have a lot to improve on shading but so far I'm happy with the results.
  3. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    Your face when you're low key into somebody that you try your best to hide it but your passion so strong end up burning a bush anyway. XD
  4. Drawings and Drivel

    I agree with Wilson OwO
  5. His virginity? Shocking revelation.
  6. I wonder what Wilson offered in exchange :\
  7. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    What did Charlie do to your face Wayne? There better not be any scars under that mask . Or I'll give Charlie the 'ol one-two XD Nice work on the motifs for the vest pattern. It really stands out!
  8. Spindlewick's Art

    Now we're talking! What's the name of this tarot card?
  9. Shadow *jazz* Hands

    I think Maxwell just tends to lose his cool more easily than he used to. But i guess getting clothes that don't appeal to his sense of fashion does drive him crazy XD
  10. Shadow *jazz* Hands

    I failed to notice this but @Raspberry Milk does have a point. It's okay brah you're good. I'm happy to see you around again XD. Thanks :D. Maxwell is one of my least favorite characters to draw tbh but i got the hang of drawing him recently. Your feedback is well appreciated And so my Maxwell study continues... (Alchemaxy the notsogladiator) There can be only two probable causes why Maxwell exhibits this kind of demeanor: He's inebriate. He's low on nicotine both leading to rapid decrease in sanity that can only be remedied with tobacco. He never gets a proper cigarette break in the Forge XD.
  11. Spindlewick's Art

    Can you provide a link to the blog please? I'd like to see it Also, I like Wendy's expression and sarcasm here. It looked like Webber kidnapped her and made two spooders keep an eye on her.
  12. Willow asking Wes to draw her like one of his French girls <3 The immeasurable joy Charlie felt in their remarks for coffee will compel her to put up Starbucks XD Also... Wendy would make a sassy spider child.
  13. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Please tell me it's just a bad joke D8
  14. Shadow *jazz* Hands

    Yo! It's been a while. She's taunting Charlie by the looks of it XD LOL look he's passing a note > u >. That's prolly just a facade Oh wouldn't that be wonderful! But I'm having a hard time finding the opportunity to learn frame by frame animation . I got my inspiration from Sabrina Cotugno's "The Glass Scientist". Web comic just started i highly recommend you check it out :). well he should... cuz he's gonna marry this particular couple that's why and the Forge wasn't getting any smaller XD __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ The Forge, the Gorge then the inevitable Merge... Some mildly relevant doodle dumps. Some of you may have seen some of these in discord... I keep changing how i draw Wilson. This appears to be my most legit one IMO. and in preparation for that upcoming project of mine >_>, I did a Maxwell study doodle more to come... P.S. I just realized it takes me an average of 4 hours to complete a character QuQ.
  15. Drawings and Drivel

    That's not Simon D: That's Trevor