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Found 27 results

  1. Zombie Wes secret character transformation you know you want it. (Now with Shadow Wilson!) post real stats fake stats have fun with it even post unlock methods post art all for zombie Wes support! (and Shadow Wilson)
  2. Whirly fan is op Basically makes you immune to overheat if you have a tree near
  3. I feel that Wes should be a joke boss for a little just for ****s and giggles. Why You might ask, well in the portal in the video What lies Beyond you can see a face, that face looks kinda like wes... I just want this to be in the game for like a week, but make him a hard boss, and when you kill him he drops nothing! It's just a way for Klei to have fun and troll without disturbing story...
  4. Whoa! My new art! Here's some links to my DA if you want: Those of you who know, I have been doing stuff in a newer style. IMPORTANT: YOU WILL BE RECEIVING MY DON'T STARVE FAN ART BEFORE DA DOES! Webber's been promoted! I'm sorry about the picture being huge.
  5. Wes speech mod

    Version 1.0.1


    This is my first mod all it does if give Wes speech lines and disables his mime moves This mod is only combatible with DST He is voiced by a unused character called Wallace enjoy and thanks to SuperDavid for making this possible

    Wes memes thats all I want so can I have some. Its so hard to find good memes for other characters. But I'm picking favorites So wes memes
  7. So I heard the Most Beloved Mime in the History of Gaming (I dare you to name a more beloved mime in games O__O) made a comeback so I had to test him out... and what better stage than an Endless Server (500+) in Summer!! I heard his Pin Wheel can cool you down... but you have to run to get a breeze... So when I entered the world: I immediately assumed resources would be scarce... there's an abundance of skeletons which is nice... but then I can't "read" what happened to them because "silent mime" which was... well he is a mime so let's leave it at that... I then went tree hopping and managed to find the razed pig village... What perplexed me most is not the razed houses... but this pig, who exited the now burned down house (bug?) Also, as a ghost, I'm able to blow balloons, I don't know if it is intended or not but it was amusing nonetheless... (<--- I didn't know it could be written as one word) I died because I couldn't find any twigs let alone any saplings still in pristine condition in the summer heat... so didn't get to test out the Pin Wheel... (P.S. I don't know where to post this... in the bug reports or tales of life and death... so I split the difference and posted it here in the General Discussion section... sorry if I got it wrong again) O__O
  8. Somewhere, in a world much like the one in Don't Starve lies characters who resemble the ones from the game we know and love. But past that appearance, almost nothing is the same. There personalities are opposite of the ones we know! (To an extent) Ask these characters a question! The ones you can talk to are: Wilson Willow Wolfgang Wendy WX78 Wickerbottom Woodie Wes Maxwell Sorry! No ROG characters. There will be references to ROG though. In fact, one character heavily relies on ROG logic. Please no direct shipping questions. (No 'Wilson! Go out with Willow' or 'Wolfgang! How is your love life with Wickerbottom', ect.) Relationships are okay though. (Ex. 'Wendy, how is your relationship with Maxwell?)
  9. This isn't so much lore as it is a theory, a game theory of mine, but I think it still fits here. Feedback is appreciated. Whether it's a simple, "This is good." or, "I disagree with this because (list of legitimate reasons)." But please no, "dis is stupud an ur stupud" ok? No one likes that. From what I can tell of the William Carter puzzles, William accumulated debt and was being threatened by who ever he owed the debt too, perhaps loan sharks. He took a train to California to visit his brother and/or escape the lone sharks. However, before he got there, the train crashed and William went missing. Now let's look at the train wreck a bit closer, shall we? The cause of the wreck was a circus cart that had gotten stuck on the track. It crashed in the middle of the dessert, miles away from any civilization. In the chaos, potentially dangerous monkeys escaped. Because of all this, the only person to go missing (aka, William) was presumed dead. So a train crashes in the middle of the desert and the only person to go missing is the one who's being hunted by loan sharks? Seems a bit too convenient, doesn't it? Now one could look at the Strongman title in the circus poster and think, "It was Wolfgang. He did it, and Maxwell found out so he trapped him in the Don't Starve world." Perhaps, but don't you think if Maxwell found the guy who tried to kill him he would punish him a bit more harshly than the random strangers he's pulled in?Now, who can we think of that was punished harshly? Wes. And in the circus poster, who does the man who's balancing on the elephant look like? Wes. My theory is, the loan sharks caught wind of William trying to ride to California. So they contacted Wes, who ether worked for them or owned a debt, and told him to take care of it. Now Wes at this time was a bit more fit than he is now. You kind of have to be in order to balance on an elephant like that. Thus, he was able to find a way to sabotage the train and make sure William ended up in the desert somewhere. Maxwell found out somehow that Wes was behind it and punished him by trapping him in an invisible box. The box wasn't big enough for him to do anything, but it still kept him alive. Thus, Wes' mental and physical deteriorated to the point where it is now. *bows*
  10. Guess what? Bad art. -_-

    Hi! I'm new to the forums here. I played Don't Starve for a while in its early stages, then stopped for a while, and recently returned. And, of course, as with anything I think is amazing, I must draw some terrible art! (For those of you who know my deviantart (dragonunderthestairs) I will post things never before seen as well as some of that deviantart stuff as well. Here's a portrait of Wilson that just happened one lazy day True story Tell me if you want me to make any of the pics larger (Also how to do the spoilers? I know I could look at another thread but I'm too lazy)
  11. Wes?

    So... how exactly Wes communicate with other players? I'm sure we're all aware of Wes's particular... *ahem* of communication. Anyway, since chat has the player's text appear above their head, will Wes just not talk or something?
  12. Flare2V

    Yo guys, take a look at this awesome Don't Starve streamer on Twitch, yo. He's funny, cool, helpful, and one of the best Don't Starve players I've ever seen. Take a look, right now, he's on a mission to make it to day 1000 in RoG. Thanks for helping out yo! My name is "Herodwarf999" thanks, ya'll.Yo guys, take a look at this awesome Don't Starve streamer on Twitch, yo. He's funny, cool, helpful, and one of the best Don't Starve players I've ever seen. Take a look, right now, he's on a mission to make it to day 1000 in RoG. Thanks for helping out yo! My name is "Herodwarf999" thanks, ya'll.
  13. Flare2V is the Best? Yo, have you seen this guy? Apparently he's been streaming Don't Starve solid for like, 7 months or something? And he only plays Wes, which is crazy And he made it day 1000 with him on standard gameplay And he made it to day 150 with Wes on Light's before giving it up for his most recent challenge Which is like, 100 Worlds? With Wes? Crazy stuff So, you know, check him out or something EDIT: Some tool told me I should post my his stream times, y'all can catch him around 3PM PST on a near daily basis.
  14. Hello, dear reader! Are you ready to witness heroic tales firsthand about.. wait, what? You thought this thread was about.. say that again, I must have misheard. Oh.. I didn't mishear you.. and you came into this thread anyways?! Well, I'm sorry I couldn't titillate your desire for mimes going the way of Tarzan, I'm sure there's an obscure website out there somewhere that will cater to your specific need, but I promise an exciting post nonetheless! I've been on this forum for about two months, give or take a week, and I have grown to absolutely adore (the majority of) you guys! Now, I've yet to talk much about my own worlds or even mention my latest achievements (aside from that Treeguard thing) without being asked directly, so I've decided it's about time I show you all what I do in Don't Starve! It's been a long time since I was the feeble forager struggling to get through my first winter with Willow, but even so when I first got Wes I was too afraid of the high metabolism to give him a serious attempt. Tonight I realized that was absolutely ridiculous. I'll be using this thread to chronicle my adventures with the greatest character in Don't Starve, Wes! So far I've gone twenty days and I'm trying to prepare for my next Winter. Now, onto the pictures. My camp so far! My map so far. A short list of my accomplishments (and lack of accomplishments) thus far: Set up campDiscovered ChesterDiscovered Pig KingDiscovered Ring Thing, Crank Thing and Metal Potato ThingDiscovered Maxwell's DoorAttained LureplantHave yet to discover BeefaloHunted first KoalefantMy primary reason for making this thread is to hear the communities' opinions on my playstyle as I update, and tips/suggestions on what to prioritize as I go. I plan to keep this thread alive until I either die or use the Teleportato, when particularly notable events happen I'll post with screenshots! Current Mods: Always On Status Architectural Geometry Charcoal Burner Minimap HUD Relaxed Crafting
  15. I was bored at school. I was gonna make him throw a dart or something but I'm too tired now. So I just made it a bodybuilder's pose. (If only he didn't have a freakishly high metabolism, he could actually become massive).
  16. I am aware that the drawing is not the greatest. This is also a work in progress and a quick sketch (took about half an hour all together)I see a lot of Willow and Wilson ship around, and I was wondering, who could be shipped with Wendy? I was thinking Wolfgang, but then I decided Wes would be the better pairing. What do you guys think? I'm hoping to continue doing this drawing, and hopefully draw it on the computer.
  17. The floodmeanwhile in the world of don't starve, the game was loading a new update called flooded lands.wilson woke up in his base along with willow,wendy,wolfgang,wx-78,wickerbottom and wes.each person does a different thing:wilson hunts,willow cooks,wendy digs up graves,wolfgang explores,wx-78 collects,wickerbottom prototypes and wes crafts.each guy liked their jobs but suddenly while wes was crafting wes noticed some water from a river rising higher and higher.wes quickly got some papyrus and some charcoal and wes quickly found everyone,thanks to his invisible bike.wes wrote down that there's a flood using the papyrus and charcoal.willow went on a tree,wilson stood on the walls of the base,wendy went on a koelaphant,wolfgang went on a deerclops in deep sleep,wx-78 hung on to a terrorbeak(he was insane when the flood started),wickerbottom went on a science machine and wes hid in a krampus sack and knotted it from the inside hoping to be washed away to another island.the water went higher than how high they hid.all of them drowned except wes and they appeared where they normally go when they die, called maxwell's prison.wes got washed away to maxwell's prison but due to him not drowning wes wasn't behind the bars.wes, while still in the krampus sack, opened the knot a bit and saw the clock showed it was nearly dinner time in the prison.wes laid some tooth traps next to maxwell's chair in the dining room and when it was dinner time; when the prisoners and maxwell entered the room, maxwell got killed by a tooth trap.wes and the prisoners escaped through a vent with the krampus sack and they hid in it and got washed back to their was winter so ice covered most of the world and after they got out, wes rustled in the krampus sack and picked up something.wes said that it was the hammer of justice and it can break through anything.wes used it on the ice and the world of don't starve was saved. The enddid you like the story? tell me on the comment section below.
  18. Hello everyone! My name is Light, and I like to draw. Therefor, I am about to post said drawings. :)I hope you enjoy and please, tell me what you think!
  19. So, I have problems editing the characters of the game, I can only edit Wilson! Whre's the files for Wes? Wendy? Wolfgang? Someone can help me?
  20. This seems like a nice place to share my Don't Starve doodles, right? Happy Easter!! My current game so far (Edit: I think I fixed the second drawing so that it's a better quality ;u;) Hopefully I'll be motivated to draw more~
  21. I would really like to buy the game on steam but I never actually used steam....... ever. So if someone could tell me how to buy it i would really be happy:-) Thanks!
  22. Hello there! I just entered the Forums, I've been playing Don't Starve for some days and I decided "Why the hell not?!". I've never done any Fanart from other games or any other things. Don't Starve is actually my first Game that I have Fanart! I've made it for a friend actually, she is my best friend! And she was feeling down so I made it for her! I made a little text for her too, but I hope, in case you're feeling down, it helps you too: Sometimes it all seems covered in darkness, it seems that everything will just fall down and consume you. Sometimes you feel the hounds chasing at you, biting you and devouring your hopes away. Sometimes, you just feel that the darkness is looking at you, judging you. But there is always a way to smile! Even when you feel the hounds at your feet, the darkness covering you. Smile, for even when the claws of the darkness reach you and try to rip you, there will be light somewhere where you can find a little bit of rest. So hey, Don’t Cry! There is also this huge text here I hope you guys like it!
  23. I think that Werepig drop items needs nerfs. They always drop 2 meat and pig skin, while I like the 100% chance for pig skin, 2 meat must go away. Maybe change it to 2 monster meat, or 1 normal meat and 1 monster meat, or just monster meat.