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Daniel, The Spectromancer (Company of Creators)

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This mod adds Daniel, The Spectromancer to the character roster!
Made by CoC (Company of Creators) which are made up of the following:
@Fidooop, @Dudedude, @ImDaMisterL@Asparagus, and @Chris1488
Daniel is based off of the likeness of @Asparagus.
(Big thanks to @SageOfLegend for doing Daniel's art and R63 skin's art!)
Get the mod here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1134891274
Join the CoC Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CompanyOfCreators
Join the CoC Discord: https://discord.gg/YYD6Q77
See the whole CoC mod collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884413115
This mod is also compatible with:
Modded Skins: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835602689
Mods in Menu: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880465230
Status Announcements: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=343753877





"Your souls belong to me now..." - l1nbYIG.png



     Health   ||      Hunger     ||     Sanity    ||   Tiredness
 130      ||         150        ||       180      ||       150 


Starting Inventory:
O65jRfo.pngx1 23ncJF3.pngx1

Starting Learned Recipes: fiVGw8e.png


  • During one of Daniel's endeavors long ago with his buddy Jerry, (trying to stop Daniel's evil bloodmage twin brother) Jerry suffered a massive injury which would have killed him if Daniel didn't do anything quickly. Sadly for Jerry, Daniel hadn't yet learned how to revive people from the dead. So after some quick impulsive thinking, Daniel permanently bound Jerry's soul to a walking cane. Now he carries Jerry everywhere, hoping to one day figure out a way to make it up to his friend and bring him back to the way he used to be.
  • Years of study into the spectral realm puts a lot of strain on one's body. Daniel must sleep from time to time or else he'll get incredibly tired and his movement will be slowed! If he continues to avoid sleeping he'll eventually pass out.
  • In his spectral-based pursuits, Daniel has come across many unique resources and has learned how to take advantage of some of their unique abilities. Because of this, he will have a few recipes pre-learned.
  • Being a Spectromancer puts one in front of very many spooky and scary things! Making their effect on your mental health less and less damaging. (0.9 negative aura multiplier)
  • After so many years of being rebellious towards his body's need to sleep, Daniel's practically become half immune to how spooky the darkness is! (0.5 night drain multiplier)
  • When tired enough, Daniel will begin to spew random nonsense. You'd think it'd annoy the other survivors with some groggy guy shouting "POOP FOR THE BLOOD GODS!" but oddly enough, they kind of enjoy it in some weird way... Even so to the point where it will give them a small sanity boost when near a tired Daniel.



  • It will take 25 minutes for tiredness to fill from 0 to 150
  • Sleeping (passed out on the floor or in a Straw/Fur Roll) will empty tiredness from full in 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Sleeping in a tent will empty tiredness in 1 minute and 40 seconds
  • Sleeping in a Breezy/Puffy Roll will empty tiredness in 1 minute and 15 seconds
  • Wetness decreases the movement speed of Tiredness based on how wet Daniel is
    *Capping out at halving the speed (both up and down) at full wetness
  • If Tiredness reaches 150, Daniel will take 3 damage and pass out for 30 seconds
  • There are 3 thresholds in Daniel's tiredness (75, 100, 125)
  • Once surpassed 75 tiredness, Daniel officially becomes "tired" with a low chance that he'll get groggy every once in a while
  • Once surpassed 100 tiredness, Daniel will become groggy more than he will be able to walk around normally
  • Once surpassed 125 tiredness, Daniel will be groggy constantly
  • If Daniel's tiredness gets too high, his sanity will begin to drain
  • Starving, overheating/freezing, fighting Giants/Wargs/Worms (Treeguards not included), getting struck by lightning, and being in the ruins during the peak of the nightmare cycle will completely pause Tiredness' movement (both up and down) for a short period of time
    *When paused, Daniel cannot become groggy no matter the tiredness level (if groggy when pause starts, the grogginess has to wear off)
    *Tiredness will stay paused for up to 15 seconds after leaving "danger"
    *When paused, a visible pause symbol shows over top the meter: rOQ0fG1.png
  • Getting splashed by a waterballoon will drain tiredness by 10 points
  • Getting attacked by Grue/Charlie will drain tiredness by 30 points
  • Claiming souls will increase a penalty block on tiredness, forcing the tiredness to not go any lower than the block
  • Eating various comfort/discomfort foods will increase/decrease Daniel's tiredness levels

A full list of every food that increases/decreases Daniel's tiredness levels:


Drains Tiredness:
c37ZsOI.png Red Cap: -20
oCeQQcK.png Durian: -10
04AqnNq.png Extra Smelly Durian: -15
IRHWq7o.png Ice: -1
g4Ftgxg.png Monster Meat: -25
H8WMD3a.png Cooked Monster Meat: -5
zU3NjZc.png Dried Monster Meat: -10
S5yoTrH.png Monster Lasagna: -40
UBfHV39.png Wet Goop: -5
hDZwo4x.png Glommer's Goop: -25
4QVyA4S.png Phlegm: -40
tNv1AQU.png Spicy Chili: -20
UJrwx1d.png Ice Cream: -20
FdzJ3af.png Pumpkin Cookie: -15
bFECucq.png Cactus Flesh: -10

Increases Tiredness:
5zHs8ss.png Blue Cap:
4cc2II6.png Koalefant Trunk Steak: 20
dmUTxAv.png Fried Drumstick: 5
KbPD7zt.png Electric Milk: 15
HbVimkp.png Dragon Pie: 20
Fc0jPWM.png Honey Ham: 20
PjD2i6n.png Meaty Stew: 15
Ha6YjHI.png Stuffed Eggplant: 10
eMjaVOZ.png Turkey Dinner: 20
idrfSGa.png Waffles: 10
sc4yjnE.png Mandrake: 150
QhXRvh3.png Cooked Mandrake: 150
y8RKYbz.png Mandrake Soup: 30





The Roseate



"All who serve me must wear roses." - Fw5j2Uu.png




"I don't need much... just your soul." - EFDsxqn.png


Additional Changes:

  • Name changes from Daniel to Danielle
  • Pronoun becomes "she" instead of "he" in examination quotes and announcements
  • Voice will become higher pitched
  • All 'Jerry's in speech will be swapped out with 'Jenny' if no Jerry cane is held
  • Tiredness meter symbol changes from a Daniel eye to a Danielle eye:






Hahah! Looks like the lore is still being worked on by a team of highly trained monkeys and chickens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Uh oh, no strats have been written yet! Guess that'll have to be worked one... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Jerry: O65jRfo.png


"Ah, yes... Right where I belong." - 2tcJ7Sn.png

Crafting Recipe:
Found in the Magic tab.

14ueSoG.pngx2 p8oxzGR.pngx2 GT9hovS.pngx3


Can only be held by Daniel
Acts as a passive walking cane
Is able to talk and will warn Daniel of being too tired among other things
*Disclaimer: Jerry doesn't like bags and/or chests
Does 15 damage
Does a bonus 30 damage to Nightmare Creatures and Ghosts (totaling to 45 damage)
Is able to haunt objects at the cost of 10 hunger
Is able to Claim souls from mobs at 15% or lower HP (instantly killing them) for 20 hunger and 30 sanity
*If claiming a giant's soul, it will take 40 hunger and 75 sanity
*After claiming a soul, Jerry will become tired for 2 minutes and can't haunt/claim anything
Is also able to "free" claimed souls from Daniel's control

Soul claiming example:



Roseate Jerry: Fzu5Dxt.png


"Their life force is fading. Now's your chance!" - bU6UxQs.png

Speech text color becomes a rosey red
Changes haunted energy blast effect to a dark red color
Changes Claimed Souls into Roseate Claimed Souls

Roseate Claimed Souls:

Jenny's Cane: oCXNwYf.png


"Watch the claw, I like that part." - 0vzliWw.png

Renames the cane to "Jenny's Cane"
Is followed by Jenny
Doesn't talk. Instead, Jenny will talk
Speech text color becomes a light purple
Voice becomes higher pitched
Makes the Daniel holding this cane say "Jenny" instead of "Jerry" in his quotes
Changes haunted energy blast effect to a light pink color
Changes Claimed Souls into Claimed Wisps

Claimed Wisps:




Breezy Roll:GpOR7HW.png


"A comfy way to take the stress away." - l1nbYIG.png

Crafting Recipe:
Prototyped at a Science Machine and found in the Survival tab.
nQBew14.pngx1 637Udrw.pngx6 oT3UCr1.pngx2


Runs on durability rather than a sleep count
Increases the rate at which tiredness decreases greatly

Good for 16 minutes of sleep
Can be sewn with a Sewing Kit (1 use = full durability)
Does 30% the hunger drain a straw roll does
Does 20% the sanity and health regen a straw roll does


Puffy Roll:smR9yaJ.png


"It's warm, it's leathery, and it's mine." - l1nbYIG.png

Crafting Recipe:
Prototyped at an Alchemy Engine and found in the Survival tab.
dir9Wz2.pngx1 637Udrw.pngx10 oT3UCr1.pngx2


Run on durability rather than a sleep count
Increases the rate at which tiredness decreases greatly

Good for 30 minutes of sleep
Can be sewn with a Sewing Kit (1 use = 66% durability)
Does 20% the hunger drain a straw roll does
Does 25% the sanity and health regen a straw roll does
Provides a small bit of insulation


Claimed Souls:


"Do my bidding, and you get to avoid judgement for a while, sound good?" - l1nbYIG.png


Claimed from mobs that are at 15% or lower HP using Jerry
If claimed from a giant, it will be a Giant Claimed Soul
Follows Daniel around to help him with combat
When claimed, Daniel will have a penalty block on his tiredness (12% for each soul and 36% for a giant soul)
*One soul caps tiredness to 18, two caps it at 36, three souls/one giant soul caps it at 54
Daniel is limited to 3 regular souls at once or 1 giant soul
*If a Giant Soul is claimed while having regular Claimed Souls, they will all be freed to make room for the giant one
If a Claimed Soul dies, it'll drain Daniel's tiredness by 15 points (Giant Souls drain 50 tiredness on death)
Regular HP: 250 | Giant HP: 1000
Regular regen: 1 per second | Giant regen: 3 per second  
Regular damage: 0.6 times Abigail's damage | Giant damage: twice Abigail's damage         






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19 minutes ago, Chris1488 said:

Can't wait for this to go public! Est. release should be in about a week.

I'm going to aim for tomorrow thank you very much


....That's IF everything goes according to plan... Otherwise a week sounds good too! ;)

Edited by Fidooop
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The occult was something of a family business... years of wealth accumulated through expeditions into ancient places, uncovering wealth and knowledge, power, treasures... and curses. Daniel always wanted to go with them, but his frail constitution held him back. He would stay home and read through the books and study the artifacts that his parents brought home and through the years, started practicing the dark arts. His parents were always generous; they had donated so much to their little settlement that it became the rich little town it is now... but through the years -- as if through a terrible curse -- their luck finally ran out, raiding tombs and dark places cost a lot, and the payout seemed to become less and less, these places have either been raided before or had nothing in them in the first place... they were growing desperate. As a last ditch effort, they funneled all their wealth to finding the ultimate treasure. On one of the expeditions to an ancient Aztec ruin, thought to be the entrance to El Dorado, the City of Gold, they had encountered a mural... through it, as it depicted, lied the lost city... a great find indeed... but at the cost of their lives. The cave in came suddenly, his parents had died, crushed upon the rocks, a handful of the expedition crew came back with what little they could. They came home in crude boxes containing their remains. The crew brought back with them his father's walking cane that came from an African Witch Doctor, and his mother's journal filled with information and maps to the lost city... they were all that he had left of them. These men have been loyal to his parents through the years now look to him to continue the family business... he knew he had to be strong, for his sake and his parents' legacy...

Years of studying had payed off, with expeditions he lead from the rich and perilous tombs in the Middle East, to the deep forests of Asia, he had started to make a name for himself... but he felt the spirits of his mother and father linger still... as if he himself had unfinished business that he had to take care of so that they may finally rest in peace... he knew what he had to do of course... he was just not ready... not yet...

That place holds great promise... but it's too perilous... he did not want to endanger his men, they were the only family he had left.

Researching for his next big find lead him to a remote island in the Caribbean, he had found that a Spanish galleon had once sunk around these parts and was filled with gold shipments presumably used for a great crusade... a cache in case they needed more funds to turn the tides of war. Trekking the islands, he found a small village, a perfect place to gather information... but someone else had the same idea... there he was... a man taller than him, an adventurer by the looks of it... their eyes met...  


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3 hours ago, khmaaw said:

Hi man,

Thanks a LOT for this mod, it is awesome ;)

I wonder if it is bugged though, i cannot get lower than 55 in tieredness, tried tent, rolls and monster lasagna :s

cheers !

How many ghosts did you have? Cause it sounds like to me that you got 3 ghosts and capped out your tiredness. This is explained here:

On 9/9/2017 at 5:07 AM, Fidooop said:

When claimed, Daniel will have a penalty block on his tiredness (12% for each soul and 36% for a giant soul)


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Hey, everyone! Just released an update for Daniel! Sorry it took so long to get around to this... I was out of town for a week and couldn't update it with the bad internet. (I also updated the OP to contain the new information)

Here's what's new:
Daniel's tiredness now moves at a fixed rate that does not change based on the time of day. (25 minutes from empty to full)
Daniel's tiredness thresholds have been increased from 60, 90, 120 to 75, 100, 125.
Updated Status Announcements compatibility with Tiredness to change announcements based on the new thresholds.
Jerry's damage no longer scales to an extra 15 damage when Daniel is insane.
Daniel no longer has a vague speed advantage over other characters on roads.
Fixed minor issue that caused Roseate Daniel's feet to show on the front-most layer of the anim.

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