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  1. If you just want a basic character it's only $300. Extra stuff like sleeping bags, a sweet cane, and custom sounds would bring it up.
  2. I think I might have noticed a typo in Willow's character quote. It says "Everything will bathe in prettiest of flames", but I think it might supposed to be "Everything will bathe in the prettiest of flames". Love the quote, though!
  3. Is that the guy from Mystery skulls Ghost but a bird?

  4. Thanks for your response, JoeW! I'm glad to hear that commissioned mod art has the official go-ahead from you for now. I will state very clearly on my website that I am not official and that no official character remakes are allowed. If you ever decide to change your policy on this in the future, I will of course comply with whatever decisions you make. Also, thanks a lot for the compliment! That means a lot to me.
  5. Hello, I'm hoping to get a response from the developers on this topic. I have created a couple of pretty popular character mods for the workshop (Whandler and more recently Wynn). - Whandler - Wynn I've enjoyed making these mods for the community, and I'm proud of my work. But creating content like this takes a huge amount of time and effort. So I figured maybe I could make some money with my hard work if I offered commissioned Don't Starve characters for those who were interested. Thus, I decided to offer Don't Starve character commissions on my website, which can be found here- This initially seemed like a pretty harmless endeavor to me. Offering custom characters for people who A) want them and B) can afford to pay for my time and expertise (I wouldn't fall into that latter category myself). I'd seen some other mods on the DS workshop that were clearly commissioned before, so I figured why not? What I overlooked were the conflicts with the Steam Workshop Subscriber Agreement, which commenters swiftly brought to my attention. Since I can't technically use the developer tools or workshop for commercial purposes, I figured I'd still be fine to sell people assets outside of Steam for use in creating their own mods. I can sell images and code to whoever I want on my own website, right? That seems reasonable to me, but one gate remains: I would like to know how Klei feels about commissioned content like this. While I believe that my time and skills are worth paying for and that I'm bringing quality content to the workshop (which in turn brings value to the game), at the end of the day I would be making money off of Klei's game. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for this company, so if Klei takes issue with commissioned assets like this I will simply pull the plug on it. But rather than continuing to assume anything, I'm asking: What is your official status on commissioned mod content, Klei? Thank you for your time and attention, Eric "Sage" Chandler
  6. @rezecib, I noticed in the post for game update 127906 you replied with Does that mean the problems with having multiple mods with custom crafting recipes bugging out have been fixed? Based on your warnings about the coding/compatibility hassles I've been holding off on creating mods which have their own crafting recipes, but I'm eager to begin as soon as it's not going to be a big rigmarole.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam Version Number - Issue title Error screen in the middle of playing Steps to reproduce This error screen popped up after I had grabbed some rabbits from some traps, in the day time. Was walking somewhere afterward when the game stopped and gave this error screen. Describe your issue Error screen, see image in link. Is this a good place to submit something like this?