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He's all like "those are my bees now. Get lost."Also, btw: Are you starting to work every day at 7:00, GMT +1? :D

Hahaha he's the bee keeper of the nightand OH NO MY GREATEST SECRET REVEALED. Yes. It is that obvious aint it. XD
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After a huge rage quit, I decided to play the game again and holy all these updates. I am on adventure mode and its a small island with just the pig village. Near the entrance of the island is a barricade with traps. Any ideas how to make this better? Looking for good food source and good sanity source

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Food source should be easy, just put traps for bunnies or grow food with farms. (There's a thousand ways to get food now, bee farms, pig armies, beeffalo, honeyed ham, etc).For sanity, wear a top hat or garland (12 flower petals).

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