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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73662 Issue title Roads missing or bugged Steps to reproduce Start a new world or previous one? Describe your issue Newer maps lack roads or are bugged. Previous roads are just darkened terrain. On the map they're just black lines too... [ATTACH=CONFIG]3984[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]3985[/ATTACH]
  2. Really, has anyone noticed the lack of roads in new worlds?That, and previous ones are just darkened terrain?On the map they're just black lines too...
  3. But how do I link my Steam account to chrome? I'm not sure its possible to do all that with the chrome demo version =(
  4. In classic werewolves (A.K.A Not Twilight), werewolves get stronger, hairier, more muscular, etc than their human counterparts. So why couldn't the Pig King get enough muscle to carry his fat around quickly?
  5. The "idea" is the same as Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They have the same 2.2D/2.5D concept. They just have different artistic design.The edit was to give another example and I gave you credit for it before you made that last post.
  6. That would make the beginning game difficulty curve for players (that are not familiar with the game or genre) way too high.
  7. That's what I'm talking about.In the first Paper Mario, we had mountains, slopes, different terrain heights and jumping.
  8. It feels like the Don't Starve world is too... "Flat". The world needs hills and mountains and different levels of terrain (both above and below average height terrain). Hopefully this will add more possibilities such as stairs, climbing, rivers, and small lakes, different altitudes, jumping, basic swimming, holes, tunnels, mountains, hills, etc. An example of how this would work would be: [*]Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars or [*]Super Paper MarioPrinny the Quiet (I know their both Mario examples but I can't think of any others) they worked on a 2.5D/2.2D landscape so why couldn't Don't Starve? Example: from another thread. I feel like Don't Starve would really benefit from this, what do you think? [Edit:] The tags of this thread led me to a thread made in Nov 2012 about this subject. Feel free to read that one too for more clarity.
  9. Couldn't you add an option to "Open"/"Store" the pig like Chester once he has a backpack?
  10. Food source should be easy, just put traps for bunnies or grow food with farms. (There's a thousand ways to get food now, bee farms, pig armies, beeffalo, honeyed ham, etc).For sanity, wear a top hat or garland (12 flower petals).
  11. It'd be nice to have a pig follow you around carrying all your stuff like chester, except a pig helps you out with certain things. =P
  12. Yeah, exactly... The new generator (shape wise) is more realistic than cirles with bridges but the constant splotches of biome really seem messy. Hopefully the map person tweaks it some more.
  13. I think its because Frogs lay their eggs near plants in shallow water...
  14. Should definitely be called:---February 26th Update: Winter is Coming, Brace Yourselves!