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  1. So excited. That was sneaky how Kevin dropped that in.
  2. Yeah, the first time I played in full screen mode in Steam (after only having played in Chrome), I had issues with object interaction as well, until I changed the game resolution to my actual monitor resolution. But for a new player who's not familiar with the game, or for someone who wouldn't think to look at the resolution in the options, that could really be Game Over.Good observation about the science machine. Most of us on the forums are familiar with the previous version of the science machine, so might not have the perspective of a new player. Nice post.
  3. Yeah, the torch is definitely better. I used to die so many times running into the darkness like an idiot with no materials to make another.
  4. Take a wall piece and right click on an existing wall. It will build higher.
  5. Right, that's what I'm saying! I'm picturing it having a little canopied seat, a la: an Indian "howdah" You're right, of course. It's absolutely integral to the strategy of the game to have resources be scattered, possibly quite far away. It affects your need to worry about carrying a light source for longer travels, where you decide to place your base, etc. But it doesn't mean I don't sometimes want a teleportation beacon to Make Things Easy. You mean... you want to travel PIGGYBACK?
  6. Oh man, I just read your full feature list -- this sounds intense! That might be a bit much for me, at present I'm just looking for small a la carte tweaks that I can adjust to gradually, rather than making things SO hard I definitely fail. lol. But still, good luck getting it all finished!At least I know I'm not the only one who was bothered by the hounds' ADHD munchies.
  7. Thanks! Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing but having fun tweaking things and seeing if my game breaks or if I actually achieve the desired results.No worries, not going to steal your thunder on your mod or -- gods forbid -- waste a thread! But I will make that change in my own hound.lua file! Cheers.
  8. It doesn't make sense to me that killer hounds come to attack you and eat your face off, only to be SO easily deterred by food on the ground. What typically happens is that after I kill the first hound and its monster meat drops, the next hound comes and starts nomming, allowing me to easily conk it over the head before it even realizes I'm there. And so on for the rest of the mob.I'm looking into houndbrain.lua to see if I can successfully switch around the priorities of their actions. Or I might just break everything. We shall see.
  9. Love this mod so much, I want to make larger stacks of everything else now. What's curious is that when I open some files, like rope.lua, the section that should specify it's stacking characteristics are empty, so they must be specified elsewhere. It just says: inst:AddComponent("stackable")...and then nothing. But for cutstone.lua, I was able to change the stack size from "LARGEITEM" to "SMALLITEM" so like your log stack mod, it's: inst:AddComponent("stackable") inst.components.stackable.maxsize = TUNING.STACK_SIZE_SMALLITEM Hrm. This will take further experimenting.
  10. Out of an abundance of laziness that can't be cured by wormhole shortcuts, speedier walking on roads, really nothing short of instant teleportation, what about a creature you can ride? Heck, I'll bridle up the koalefant if it will let me get near it.Just a thought, and maybe it would make things a little TOO convenient, but I had to put it out there.
  11. You mean I can't eat taffy every day? :(Like SpaceStalin said, probably even minor adjustments to the game mechanics that exist (esp. relating to honey) would encourage players to become more resourceful and varied in their play style. But creating favorite foods and least favorite foods is a great thought.
  12. The Nintendo DS game "Lost in Blue" did this exact thing. I literally ended up playing that game with a notepad because of such details. In each new game, the mushroom effects would be randomized, so a blue mushroom that was very nourishing before might end up being deadly poisonous. Likewise, one that restored the fatigue meter before might end up draining it.
  13. Ehem, if you want MAGIC mushrooms, those grow out of cow manure. But if you want MAGICALLY UNREAL WOW THESE ARE SO WEIRD mushrooms, then anything's game.
  14. Yikes! Good to know. I haven't made any items that require nightmare fuel yet, thank goodness.
  15. Okay, so dumb question that maybe merits its own thread but maybe not: If I'd like to reform my ways and start using the Steam version (I've only ever played in Chrome) so that I don't face a similar data loss, how do I get Don't Starve into my new Steam library? I literally just downloaded Steam and know nothing about it. I'm cool with needing to start a fresh world if game files don't sync between Steam and Chrome.EDIT:Oh. I went into account options and clicked "Steam Key" but it said "This option is only available to accounts purchased from the Chrome Web Store." ....which I thought I did. :(EDIT TO THE EDIT:Ok, found my original email with game keys. Now looking for where to put it...EDIT TO THE EDITED EDIT: Okay, finally got everything up and running! Not hard, I'm just new to Steam.