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  1. noticed a bug with the popup text on the priority overlay button (top right) say it shows decor values.
  2. New Update

    You need reeds to get birdcages which are pretty useful now I find. Also need them for honey poltice. Not to mention all the goodies that drop when merm meets tentacle and spider. Its a dangerous place to be sure but lots of resources drop here.
  3. Honey Poultice

    collect blue shrooms ( I found them alot near swamps) They heal a lot at the price of 15 sanity.
  4. I love this picture!

    Oh no don't extinguish my firepit!!
  5. I love this picture!

    Paying our respects to Chester;
  6. Small Hunting guide

    I fought a group of spiders the other day with just one trap in my inventory, I dropped it in the spiders path, which trapped one, then I avoided the others, picked the trap up, and repeated. Worked really well, think I will be doing that more in future.
  7. Small Hunting guide

    Build a fire by them at night, when they sleep shave them and light the fur that drops with your torch.
  8. Hmm interesting - I guess that means no honey in winter then beyond whats already in the hive. Harvest once then gone.
  9. Great thanks for the info. So the only outstanding question is - do bees still produce? Anybody?
  10. So now that winter is here, I died without getting to experiment as much as I would have liked. Spiders nest got me (much harder now, and better for it). So when its winter, do plants stop growing altogether? Do bees stop producing honey? Do rabbits stop coming from their holes? What do you find useful to stockpile while its summer?
  11. Yes from the left - BUT - there were gaps in the fence to let them in and out (on the left).
  12. I took this picture cause of the awesome fire. but the grass fence that is burning is the one my pigs got stuck on in 'go home mode' so it shows the sort of distance I am talking about.
  13. I am still seeing the 'run straight at it' thing with pigs who are an inch or two from their home, with a fence between them and the house (with a gap in it). Does it cut off when they go into Run Home mode?