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  1. ^^The imperfect octogon is making my OCD flare up :PNice stuff though
  2. Adventure mode looks nice, had a big smile on my face when I saw the pig villages will berries and carrots farm. Insanity is cool.ABSOLUTELY HATE HAVING TO RESEARCH EVERYTHING EVERYTIME. TOO MUCH GRIND.
  3. I'm playing on the new map. But I guess I just tend to explore more in the beginning of the game, rather than focusing on setting camp in the first phase.
  4. Nice but how come you still haven't explored the whole map at day 160?
  5. The new research style is dumb. It makes no sense to relearn everything you ever learned and forces you to go through the same steps in every game. That is what I call grind. Plus feeding the science machine was actually meaningful in the roleplaying aspect. I understand the concept of prototype and wanting to kill grind, but why not just lower reasearch point threshold?
  6. 1. The only things I pirate are US TV shows that I can't have access to easily. I bought Don't Starve right off the bat after playing the demo which poped up in my chrome although I'm a really casual gamer, and usually just stick to free browser games. In that regard, I believe that the DS dev team did a really good job about pricing and hooking the customer, as well as creating a really cool game.2. In the above quote, I think those are just justifications for immoral business practices regarding online purchases. It is very easy to offer 'satisfaction guaranteed': just offer a seven day period within which the product can be returned without justification. It is as simple as that but online business at large are just not implementing any such service frequently due to lack of effective legislation to protect the consumer's rights in digital transaction. It is very easy for us to pay for something online, and it is in reality as easy for the companies to offer refund.
  7. My hounds killing pit set up. Just drop meat on the ground to bait them.It's even easier at my main camp since I live near beefalos, when I'm tired of killing them, I lead them into the beefs and watch.
  8. Nice update however the miner hat is not fixed, now it seems to consume itself or dissapear from the back pack each time you drop it. I waste 5 firefly that way