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lol wheres shipwrecked

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Even if I agree, I believe that exactly the people who don't read former posts are asking abaut SWT again and again and won't read this thread. So it's quite useless, and the result is: we've now got another thread abaut it...

Furthermore,  ImDaMisterL said he would talk with the developers abaut it, so there will be happening something abaut it. 


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Q and A with Klei! (hey that rhymes with play, they should make this a thing; or maybe they already have this kind of thing and I just haven't been paying attention)

Q: Where's Shipwrecked?
A: In Single Player

Q: Rose Collection?
A: Tencent

Q: New Character?
A: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=322330&requiredtags[]=character

Q: More Sitting Emotes?
A: Coming Soon

Q: Where's Base?
A: Yes

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  • Developer
2 hours ago, Arlesienne said:

There is. Join the CoC Discord and ask, I think we are letting non-collaborators in to the general area.

CoC Discord: https://discord.gg/TrKvMVg

Island Adventures Discord: https://discord.gg/jDPS7Sc

2 hours ago, Mudley said:

Speaking of it, is there any news about that?

@Fidooop just came back from his trip and will be working on both the CoC characters and Island Adventures, yay!

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I will be making a post about Island Adventures relatively soon here to update everyone on what's going on... Right now though I just need a little bit of rest after my rather long (32 DAYS O__O) "vacation". Please be patient, I'll be up and running again soon here! :)

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