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Found 11 results

  1. Version 1.01


    Steam Workshop for info
  2. Many of us want to pass the time, so while we wait... What should we do to pass the time? You can suggest challenges, ask questions, but all in all, pass the time. I for one can not wait until the Don't Starve Together closed beta begins on the 22nd. So, let's start, shall we?
  3. I decided since my art thread died about a month ago I'd post my character here to see how people would react to it after I revised some of his perks to avoid having him become overpowered. *Time Manipulation: When this perk is activated it slows down the clock and any creature other than Warden by 1/4 of its normal speed. Costs 50 sanity per minute while active. If no available sanity is left, health is used at a more rapid rate (100 hp per minute) until death.*Modern Desensitization: has no effect on his time manipulation ability, only during combat, picking evil flowers, insanity causing things in general.Vocal Instrument: Ocarina Here's some of his quotes arranged in each category:Tools: Lights: Survival: Food: Science: Fight: Magic: Dress: Nature: Refine: Structures: Nature-Objects: Monsters/Animals: Misc. Items: Graveyard Trinkets: Announcements: Unimplemented: That's all the quotes I have for now! Let me know if you found any quotes offensive, corny, or have any better ideas for quotes.
  4. I'm upto day 380 but I took these screen shots on day 372 a while it gets to easy, so I just made a new customized world so I can get that new world feeling, im playing as Wolfgang with no winter and no hounds
  5. Story time!

    well... this is a sad thread...I have no idea why I feel the need to revive dead threads...they make me sad...
  6. I have a Dont Starve Steam key and I want a Dont Starve Chrome key
  7. I am not sure if it's just the games that I'm used to, but this game does feel like it runs just a little too fast. The day and night cycles just seem like they go too quickly. As well as how quickly the food seems to go down. Again this might just be me, but i just feel that the game cycles through things too quickly and would like to see if the game could run just a little slower due to the fact that day lasts around three or four minutes IRL time. Post your comments and tell me if you see it differently, I'm more or less curious if time is just passing by too quickly with this game or not.
  8. Thought it a little strange that animals just sit around placidly when yer felling trees, might make trapping/hunting a little more interesting. What do you think?
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Solution to mouse hitbox/ screen zoom issues Steps to reproduce I've seen a lot of Issues where people cannot click properly in game while in full screen because mouse detection is way off or the screen in zoomed in too far. I may have a solution. Describe your issue Steps to Fixing these problems: For Windows 7 64bit 1: Locate the dontstarve_steam.exe file in your steam folder ---(usually "Program Files (x86), steam, steamapps, common, dont_starve, bin) 2: Right click dontstarve_steam.exe and click on compatibility. 3: Click the check (so it appears) next to" Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" ---(optional: click the box for "Run this program as an administrator") 4: Click "Apply" 5: Start up don't starve and make sure your refresh rate matches what your monitor can support. 6: Enjoy! (hopefully) Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong location. But I figured it would get exposure here.
  10. While playing "Don't Starve" I have been noticing that after day 30 or so the game becomes pointless. Yes they obviously aren't even close to finishing it but I thought I'd put in my input in about what could happen as days pass, and you get bored, and nothing is challenging. In my opinion, rare events should happen slightly more often and other rare events should open up every 15 or so days. Also enemies could wear armor as the days progress and careless mistakes could cost you a lot. There could also be "Boss-Type" fights at certain spots on certain days. For example: Every 5 days from days 5-20 you can access boss X at location X Every 5 days from days 25-40 you can access boss Y at location Y (Both giving you an OPTIONAL boss fight, with reward of course) Npc's?: Yeah there are the pigs but I mean real, people Npc's, or something similar, I mean it does seem odd that you are the only one in the world for a second then you find a civilization, it would kind of ruin the point of the game. But could there be some way to implement something similar? Maybe. But these Npc's should: Sell you things or have some sort of trading system. Give you tasks to complete. Be for sale as a guard or a companion. There are also many other things they could do if that wasn't the direction you wanted. Nights becoming different as time passes: Full moons bring harder enemies, Colored moons can bring certain types of enemies. Example: Blue moon: Ice enemies Red moon: Fire enimies Story progression: Obviously the story isn't even close to done, but when it is instead of just laying it all on you: Start: 70% of the story Middle: 5% of the story End: 25% of the story ^Don't do that^ You could base it off of days and player progression, releasing parts of the story as the game progresses. And hopefully finding out who Maxwell is. 0.o That is really all I have for now, but I'd love to hear others' suggestions on what should happen as time passes.
  11. PART 1 Since it’s so close to the next update, and i’m really hoping some new map generation will be included, i’ve been waiting to start my next run of Don’t Starve. So instead of playing briefly today I decided to write up some observations and general ideas. So aside from the feather hat I have built/tried all craftables, done battle with every kind of monster and played all the available characters. I would certainly say i’ve used all the content so far. After a few deaths just working out what in the game is deadly and what isn’t, i’ve ended up suiciding with all the characters just to try a start with each one. To start, let me just say I really love this game - the art design, quirky character quotes/personalities, and feel of the game world are all excellent. I found it by far the most entertaining at the beginning, having no idea what to do (didn’t read any spoilers) and testing things out. However, one thing that seemed pretty obvious was that the only threat to surviving was really doing random dangerous stuff as part of the learning process (dying at a beehive, spider nest, fighting tree-zilla, etc). Gathering enough food seemed really trivial even on my first playthroughs, and that was without using any “exploits” - I was using traps with bait to catch rabbits and bird traps to catch birds. Never even saw a reason to transplant berry bushes although I did later on just for the fun of building a garden of sorts. My first suggestion would definately be making the (early) game much more difficult. There are just so many resources around, and sources of food, that it doesn’t feel like a struggle to survive at all. Now I was considering the result of having far fewer resources around, and initially that would seem bad simply because the map would be quite bare and unappealing. Perhaps it would make more sense to have some “filler” type things, such as shrubs or sapling trees that are too small to yield usable resources. This way it would be possible to avoid the abundance of resources we have currently without making the screen look barren. On my last start i had more than 40 carrots after a couple of days of exploring, that seems totally excessive for a game focused on survival. I understand that some of the problem with re-starts seeming quite easy currently is due to the research system, which will be changed (hopefully this coming update), and that should help to make a new start a bit more fun as there will be more to do with prototypes. No big suggestions here as I quite like the idea of building prototypes, hopefully at a much higher cost so that it is not trivial to just research everything. Can’t really say more on this until the new system is revealed! So, what seems like the biggest issue for devs and sometimes for players, is having a “base” that is just too safe, as well as lack of motivation to leave and explore. I felt like the idea of having resources be divided in some cases between different biomes was designed to encourage the player to travel between different areas to gather needed resources. However, transplanting of course made it extremely easy to go dig up however many grass/trees/bushes you need and build little farms of the stuff at your base. I had two ideas that perhaps would help with this problem. Firstly, having the process of transplanting reduce the output of the plant. So once a plant is moved, it then will grow much slower than in the wild. Providing the reduction in growth is significant this would mean wild plants would be much more valuable in terms of yield as transplanted ones. Now I know people reading this will be thinking “if that was implimented, we’d just go dig up as many extra plants as needed to compensate”. So... secondly, how about changing the mechanics of digging up a resource, so that it does not automatically produce a plant that can be replanted. Say if you only got a plantable resource 20% of the time, it would be more of a risk/reward choice to try and dig things up as you might end up destroying them. Now if this was combined with my earlier suggestion about reducing overall resources in the gameworld, the choice could be an important one. The way I imagine it is that founding several bases of operations near different naturally occuring resources would be preferable, and that digging up plants from more distant areas that would be too far to harvest to suppliment the natural resources might be the way to go. This kind of setup would help encourage travelling further out to get more of an elusive resource, and due to the element of chance in trying to dig up the plants there is more of a sense of adventure in it (rather than knowing 100% you’ll get X number of berry bushes from a location). Making these kinds of changes in general environmental difficulty would make the early game less of a cakewalk like it is at the moment, although even if current resources were halved along with a low % chance to produce a plant when digging, it would certainly be within the grasp of the average player to create permanent camps planted with needed resources. However, it would be a (I think) fun challenge to find and build up a bunch of bushes, or grasses, or whatever resource you wanted, with perhaps some sense of achievement to it. At the moment I’m seeing screenshots of people planting 50+ of everything in big fields all around their camp with no difficulty in doing so. On a side note - having plants around that don’t yield resources, to fill up some screen space in the absence of some current resources, would give the opportunity to use them as decorative items should you wish to dig up and replant shrubs/saplings around your camps.