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Jan 9 Update: Turf!

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  • Developer

There was a malfunction with our time machine, so I had to release tomorrow's update TODAY!

The TURF update is live!

This update adds the ability to dig up ground types using the shovel, revealing the bare dirt below. This results in a turf object, that can be placed down on bare dirt tiles. This is largely a cosmetic feature for the time being, but will probably become less so as we start to make tile types matter more.

Oh, and we got new art for the rocky biome, because it was previously just a duplicate of road.

This update was intentionally small, just to jump start our new 2013 schedule. The next usual-sized update is one week from today on January 15th, and then every two weeks from then on.

Have fun!

Edit: Turns out some fixes slipped through our rigorous build vetting process:

* Butter muffin is no longer invisible in the crock pot

* Items drop from hives when destroyed by Abigail

* Fixed some typos

* Fixed rabbits not respawning from holes sometimes

* Creatures keep their targets between save/loads

* Birds render in the bird trap again

* New items will try to stack into existing backpack/equip stacks

* Fixed an infinite mandrake exploit

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  • Developer

What a neat little surprise. Aside from being able to move tiles, are there any notable bugfixes or balancing changes?

Nope. Just turf!

The fixes / etc that the team is working on currently will come out on the 15th.

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I like the in-game icon for digging up turf better than the trailer version. It's much easier to see what you're digging up. Good work, you guys, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite games because of small, clever changes like that (plus the rest of the awesome game).

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I hope that the grassland turf spawns beefalo and the swamp, swamp tentacles etc.

I read in another thread that the tentacles are spawned with the map and don't re-spawn, they are like Stone and so on, I believe that is what he said. We could be wrong though, never hurts to try!



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