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  1. How about gates?

    Yes... GIVE IT NOW
  2. [Suggestion] Floating Eye

    OH NICE, I LIKE THAT!Beholders would be nice...
  3. Jan 9 Update: Turf!

    Haven't played the new update yet but I'm sure it's good
  4. [Suggestion] Floating Eye

    Okay but what about bears?
  5. [Suggestion] Floating Eye

    Also.. Another suggestion... Caves that could have rare items..
  6. Floating Eye The "Floating Eye" would be a Eye that floats around shooting tear drops at you. It could drop Monster Meat or maybe even a new item like a tear. The tear could be used to make potions or to make a "Bucket of tears" The "Bucket of tears" could be used to put out a fire. Poisonous Floating Eye It would be kind of like the "Floating Eye" but it would be more deadly and stuff... lol
  7. A few ideas

  8. What about guns?

    I like this Idea but only if it's REALLY hard to get them...
  9. A few ideas

    YES We NEED Zombies I totally agree..
  10. Fail... lol that's why you always double check
  11. I just got this game today can't wait to play it