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  1. *picks up his shovel and begins to sing in a deep voice* HI HO HI HO IT'S OFF TO WORK WE GO!
  2. As others have said, get a bee farm and farm honey for keeping on your hotbar as a "health potion" sort of thing. Also try Honeyed Ham, 2x honey + 2x large meat in the crockpot. Lots of healing and hunger restoration
  3. In my humble opinion, providing some kind of durable shield would help solve this feeling that everything has to be run away from. I mean in a realistic survival situation it wouldn't really be that hard to create some kind of carved wooden shield to use alongside a spear and would mean we could hold our ground instead of running away all the time. And c'mon this guy is supposed to be all sciency too so where is his science solution to monsters? All we get is rudimentary weapons, spear, darts, spike traps... not much of it feels very sciency but that is another discussion. Of course it would break like the other armour as it was hammered on by enemies and perhaps could burn too lending it a weakness in situations like fighting Hellhounds, but would allow us some saving grace from the "ARG RUN AWAY" tactic which at the moment is, as many rightly say, pretty much the only viable tactic.
  4. Snag away, the hive will keep spawning more regular bees if it's a player-made hive. As for killer bees, they are easy. Just wear a bee-keeper's hat and go spear them. Each hit they land on you will only take off 1% of damage from the bee-keeper's hat and not damage you.
  5. Geez, let the poor guys have a Christmas break haha. This is hardly going to cause the world to end.... *holds breath*
  6. As mentioned above, slaughter villages full of pigmen, that usually summons a Krampus or two
  7. It REALLY sucks when you chase Krampus to the edge of the map and manage to kill him, only to have all the loot (which he stole from you in the first place) drop onto the LAND but then moments later disappear right in front of your eyes for no reason. (((((
  8. I also noticed that rabbits stopped appearing from their burrows when I triggered winter. I'm not even sure if they ever came back until I reloaded the game without the hat on. I think we got a bit more of a sneak peak than it first seems ;D
  9. How do you save your old maps for later use? (I'm on Steam version)
  10. After reading this thread, I wholeheartedly agree that there needs to be more challenge in the game, although "punishment" should not be the case. Noone likes to play a game and be punished for doing what you're supposed to be doing (in this case, surviving and not starving). One thing I really don't understand is that resources are available in multiple biomes, and some in all of them. It makes the game trivial and turtling has become the main tactic because everything is available in one place. Not to mention that you can simply dig up grass, berries, and saplings to plant anywhere you like and have no issues with the basic resources. (why is this even possible? surely you should have to go to the forest/grasslands to collect berries for a day and deal with the dangers on the journey there and back). It feels like each biome has become somewhat diluted whereas I see a need to force the player to leave the safety of a base even for the most basic of resources. Force the player to go to a plains biome to get dung or go to beehives to collect honey (don't let them move beehives and pig homes to their own location). This is already done with the quarry biome, as this is the only place to find stone and you can't move the rocks to your base (Wilson even says they are too big to fit in his pocket! ) and this forces the player to deal with the threat of Tallbirds and spiders whilst mining. If we had to go out to these different locations to collect things, then the danger / obstacles could be along the way, such as surviving spider attacks if you are caught out at night time, or tallbirds in the quarry area, or an owl-bear (I know you already have art for this ;P) eating berries in the grasslands area so you either choose to avoid him or hunt him down (at which point another will spawn say a day or two later) or have a giant rampaging Beefalo somewhere in the plains to either avoid or hunt when you get more powerful. That's just two new threats off the top of my head, and there could be plenty of other dangers out in the world and then you wouldn't need to punish people for making a base of operations, since they would HAVE to head out from it in order to survive and deal with what's out in that inhospitable world. At the moment you can literally sit next to rabbit dens with some farms and berry bushes and be happy. I hope that makes sense, especially for you Kevin. I think this is an important point in order to keep the exploration and danger factor in the game as well as making it feel more rewarding when you get back to base with a big haul and can survive for a few more days.
  11. Smallbirds with winter hats would be epic. In fact, that would come close to being more epic than a spider army! Now we just need something to send our smallbird/spider armies to kill... *awaits awesome big bosses to be added to the game* ;D
  12. Agreed! I'm really excited to see what will come of this Winter idea, I think it's looking really cool already! (if you'll pardon the pun) ;D You get it by researching, making, and wearing the new winter hat added in the last patch.
  13. I read recently that people didn't like having to kill rabbits after trapping them (although I don't know why they are trapping them if they aren't wanting to eat them lol) which I suppose is somewhat reasonable given the way the game makes you kill them in cold blood with a spear to the neck. Anyway, I wondered... why can we not put rabbits after being trapped directly into the crock pot for cooking ingredients? Why must we murder them first and then put their morsels in there? I want to cook a rabbit plus some carrots for a nice rabbit stew please! I realise the spike traps have now been added, which is very good for monster killing, but feels a bit overkill for rabbits when I'm already capable of trapping them then putting them in a pot