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  1. im wondering what is the button of tab even do ? so far it opens a chat box that has the following typedportrate_hackWilsonINtroThe Hunt begins in603The Hunt Begins!
  2. For SCIENCE!

    http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?12780-making-life-with-lightning-! more detailed version i thought i was going to be the first to post in but you got me
  3. im kinda thinking if they completly finish the game they would add at last second a co-op ?maybe
  4. Odd Monster in Forest

    pics or fake ;|
  5. tridents

    so in the new update video the pitchfork can dig up turf but what else can it do ? sense its sharp can it be used like the pitchfork
  6. what i know is the fist of jam is 4 berries
  7. hmmm agnast birds or tooth traps which will i use...
  8. im thinking putting honey and any food item in a crock pot(then cook) it will last twice as long from spoiling will add a picture of what it looks like
  9. this is the bad part about the update :,( i dont wanna die
  10. the only annoying part for all those people far in days(like me) have to make a new world to get chester/eye bone
  11. wilson made him the beefalo dont hate them they were mating beefalo
  12. im wondering with the spoil bar if it will stay the same in the fridge or still go down in the fridge and when it fully spoils will there be flies flying around it like manure
  13. maybe there unisex