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  1. We're Live!

    Wow congratulations Klei Entertainment for making such an amazing game! Thank you to everyone who helped make it what it is today. Sincerely, Truffles
  2. It says I have to close Don't Starve before Steam can close. =/ Is there anything else I can try? Sincerely, Truffles
  3. So I have to turn my entire computer off to insure I keep my Save or just the Don't Starve'd game? I so hope this works I've been craving Don't Starve and haven't been able to play consistently because of this bug. Sincerely, Truffles
  4. This just happened to me sadly, I had the Cloud Save already turned off because I hate the Syncing it has to do. Does Chrome have the same problem, if not I'll just play no Chrome till the 15th. Sincerely, Truffles
  5. [Gameplay] Permanent Maxwell

    Ya' I just seen the that, sorry guys my bad. I already asked for the thread to be deleted or closed or whatever so I guess we just wait. Sincerely, Truffles
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71213 Issue title Permanent Maxwell Steps to reproduce Create a new world using the Test and not the Default. Instantly after pressing "Start" press your "Esc" Key and hit Save and Quite, log back in to find a permanent Maxwell standing there. Describe your issue After a new update comes out I always make a new world and start from scratch, I feel it's the best way to test the new features and look for bugs as well seeing as it's still in Beta. Sadly after making the new world for the Turf update I was called away by my lovely dog Chester and had to take him for a wake, thus causing me to hit Esc and save my game and quit before Maxwell had even finished his sentence. I quickly looked over new post's sense I was here last and hadn't seen anything talking about this so I figured I would post it. I own a Steam and Chrome games and tested it on both, the same results on either Platform. Hope this helps, happy gaming everyone! Sincerely, Truffles Edit: I guess I should have used the search function and not just looking over the recent threads in the Bug Tracker section, it seems there are quite a few others who has discovered this problem. Could a Moderator please close this for me? Please and thank you!
  7. Turf Update Secret?

    Looks like a bunch of red dot's and lines to me but I have no active imagination so that isn't saying much haha! I love when Dev's do stuff like this though, always so much fun seeing what the community think's the secret(s) it could be! @Raven Crow I think you mite be onto something, but I almost hope you aren't cause that thing looks pretty dangerous to me. Sincerely, Truffles
  8. Jan 9 Update: Turf!

    I read in another thread that the tentacles are spawned with the map and don't re-spawn, they are like Stone and so on, I believe that is what he said. We could be wrong though, never hurts to try! Sincerely, Truffles
  9. Jan 9 Update: Turf!

    Woo! Next update will be 5 days before my birthday, can't wait to see what you guys are planning to throw into the game next! Sincerely, Truffles
  10. Wow such a simple Key command I probably never would have figured out, learn something new every day =P Sincerely, Truffles
  11. Me on Don't Starve style!!!

    You have a lot of potential keep drawing! That saying practice makes perfect is true, you just have to keep drawing it looks like you already have the raw talent =) Sincerely, Truffles
  12. Buying Key (Don't Starve)

    Thank you everyone, I believe someone is going to help me. Happy New Year everyone!!! Sincere, Truffles
  13. Buying Key (Don't Starve)

    All mighty Toaster in the Sky please move my humble thread to Trading, I'll forever be in your debt! Sincerely, Truffles
  14. Buying Key (Don't Starve)

    You're probably right, sorry! How exactly do I delete my thread? It says Edit/Delete but wont let me delete it. Thank you for the help qwerm. Sincerely, Truffles
  15. So over the holidays I got plenty of gift cards to plenty of places and one just happened to be Amazon, I was so excited I was going to get to buy Don't Starve without asking my parents for their Credit Card and then the only option's were to use a Credit Card surprise! So I'm left to begging you friendly people here, please help a friendly gamer out. I'm offering retail price(15$ USD) to anyone willing to sell me a Key. I can gift you something on Amazon you would like for 15$ or just send then 15$ to you, so if you're willing to sell me a Key just send me and E-mail at and I'll be more then willing to figure something out with you. Sincerely, Truffles