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New Skins Gallery in December 10th Update

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I will start this thread by posing some of the pictures of the new skins I have seen so far. 
If you want to share the new skins you have obtained or seen, please respond to this post with the same figure format so that I will update this post.
Thanks to HypnoLoayzaPaulAsparagusragiArchaous, ThaumicParrotberrieterri and Celophone.


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I made a little Gallery of most of the skins icons.


Link me your steam if you have something that I didn't add there and I'll give you cred :-)

Well, as far as the skins before December 10th are concerned, you are only missing the smallbird and poop backpack.


Can I get my credit now? What credit ? I want any classy in this new update. I dont want tissues.

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This thread is for skin gallery only. 


It is inappropriate for you to take advantage of the fact that it's a popular thread and use it as a place to broadcast your commercial.


Kindly request you to remove delete your commercial.

uhm wait what? You mean that i write im looking for wigi head just an fyi?


- others written some "trading sentence" to their posts

- nobody posted this wes skin yet

- this is not popular thread anymore

- commercial really?


sorry i invade your tiny little thread and i wont do it anymore :/


EDIT: commercial really??? :D

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