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  1. He looks so uncomfortable with the earthworms crawling across his face
  2. May I ask you how did you get your title? Oh, and some nostalgie here.

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    2. ImDaMisterL


      I dunno why I said she. Should've said they. I dunno their gender >~>

    3. Naipseht


      Yup. JoeW confirmed I was the very first GoH drop. It was also he who gave me the prestigious and badass title.

      Oh, and I'm a guy.

    4. ImDaMisterL
  3. I saw you were rated as a one star. I couldn't bear that so I gave you a five star on your profile. By the way, good avatar. I'm an OFF fan myself too.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Wait wait wait, they were rated only 1 star? Time to change that! *votes 5 stars*

    2. greenglacier
    3. Naipseht


      aw thansk guise

      specialy u tem

      Yeah, some random troll rated me one star. I don't really think profile ratings mean anything, but thanks anyway. Tempted to change my profile pic to Aaron now ;)

  4. Granted, but your actions start a war between the Freemasons and the Illuminati. I wish North Korea didn't have any nuclear weapons.
  5. Granted, but it is absorbed into your other nothings. I wish I could cook food with my mind.
  6. To be honest, Maxwell's Adventure Mode cloak probably provides a nice amount of warmth. Which is probably why he doesn't mind dropping poor Wilson off in the snow.
  7. You ate the pink, phosphorescent slime secreted by an odd bug-like creature that spawned from a mysterious statue in the middle of nowhere that follows you if you pick up a smelly red flower? Genius! Also, are you still taking requests? If so, can you make a 4:20 picture of Maxwell (with Snoop Dogg)? I've always found it funny that he has that stubby little cigar.
  8. (whoa... first time using a spoiler tag for an actual spoiler) Meaning Maxwell may eventually be implemented as a DST character? I wonder how the Codex Umbra's mechanics will adapt to multiplayer...