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  1. @Chris1488 kk, I have been away for too long. I will take a look
  2. @ImDaMisterL Any info on how the new loyal can be achieved?
  3. @ImDaMisterLSo they are not brand new?
  4. I was just browsing steam market and found a bunch of new elegant and distinguished. Like this
  5. I have got a question, for those really common shirts that is sold 0.03 on the market, which way is more beneficial? Sell it on the market or trade 9 for a higher tier?
  6. Maybe Ralphie Yoyo will buy Joe Happy and Tommy Smiles's Wigfrid GOH and then selling each of the 3 at $200
  7. Again, I don't see what is not good about most of the players having access to the rarest skins through trading inn. As you might have said, the skins were intended to make players look different NOT make players who are willing to pay more dollars look superior. If you wanna argue that if most of the players have the rarest skins, then they will only use the rarest skins and therefore everyone will look the same. I am gonna say this point makes no sense. What you are saying is that players will only look different if some players get access to rarest skins, by dollars, while others can't. This will only make those minority with elegant skins feel different/superior, one of which is you, of course. I believe those who can't have elegant skins just because they can't pay dollars will not be happy about the fact that now they are different with / less cooler than those with elegant skins because they can't have elegant skins. For the majority of players who do not have elegant/rarest skins, they still look pretty much the same to other players who do not own elegant skins, according to your theory, which is the majority. So, your point is only to make those with elegant skins feel superior rather than considering for the majority of the players. Plus, given the current 9:1 ratio, even if Klei opens the access to rarest skins by trading inn, it still requires an unbelievable 6561 common skins to trade all the way up for an elegant. Make a simple assumption that a player gets all 4 skins each week and they are 3 common and 1 classy, it means 546.75 weeks, which is more than 10 years. Maybe my model is not accurate enough since a player also has chance of getting skins rarer than classy, but I don't really know the probability because their dropping rare is so rare. But still my point is that, even if there is an option to trade commons for the rarest skins, Klei can easily design the ratio to make sure that you can only get 1 rarest skin by trading an unbelievable amount of lower-tier skins. This could be the amount of half-year, a year, whatever. A player needs to consider seriously what he likes best. And with at least 1 rarest skin, e.g. an GOH, he/she can play it and do not feel inferior to those who pay dollars to have a dozen GOHs. I mean, you can have a dozen elegant to show-off in your inventory, but after all, you can only use 1 at a time in the game.
  8. I am afraid I don't really get the idea of this. I mean, yes, elegant skin look cooler than T-shirts and players tend to wear distinguished and elegant instead of common. The solution to diversity is probably to release more elegant and distinguished stuff instead of prohibiting users from having them. I mean, let's assume that 80% of players do not have elegant skins so far and have classy clothes at best, do you see people wearing the same classy clothes? And if they do, would that, others wearing the same clothes that are classy and less cooler than your elegant, bother you? Again, why not easier way for these cool stuff available to more people? Actually, if I remember correctly, you have like more than 10 elegant skins, so I cant help but think that you are saying this because you have the elegants and I assume you get them by key/dollar, so you just want to look prior to others either in-game or just to show-off the skins in your inventory? Also, since you paid quite a lot for the elegant skins, you are worried that if the new trading inn makes it easy for everyone to get elegant skins, your elegant skins will be worth nothing and you look no cooler than others?
  9. Haven't you already start a private thread about this? You are flooding the forum with your posts. This is your thread I found
  10. *Terminator theme*

  11. Where does the categories of distinguished, timeless and loyal come from?