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  1. The main theme of DS is catchy no doubt! I haven't played DS for about a month (it's a crime , I know) and suddenly yesterday I started mumbling it (in the class) with pride like it was an anthem of some sort. I felt like such sweet melody could easily have lyrics, the melody sounds mysterious and feels like something unknown is hiding behind that quite obscure background and even the world itself ( I mean, none believed that Wilson "just happened" to be there so you can play the game), None fell for that, and that's why we went deeper, to find a meaning for why we are there, what the purpose is and uncover the story behind this mysterious world and the characters! That's what I feel this melody needs, not an explaination but a continuity to the mystery that it starts with. Feel free to discuss below folks ^
  2. "I just want the meat,bees please don't attack.Don't Attack..! RUN!RUN!RUN!RUN!"
  3. Weird To Say But My Favourite. Kills Like A God, Eats Like A Brutal Animal. The Whole I Kill Like A Boss Bu I Eat Only Meat Is Not A Problem At All..
  4. Summer Working. When I Heard It For The First Time I Started Clapping Like A Psychopathic Seal At The End Of The SoundTrack.
  5. Hello Artists! I Do Really Need Some Help With This Hat. Add Them Here : hat.zip If Anyone Has The Time Please Respond Quickly! Thanks! [sorry For The Spaz-Spam]
  6. I Please Anyone.Need Some Basic Textures For This Hat: Add Them Here : hat.zip If Anyone Has The Time Please Respond Quickly! Thanks!
  7. Beg your Pardon but I thought that you are a girl from the begenning
  8. Im getting Keen on this quickly 1st new thing: New Trees Spotted Already.(Seems like an Autumn Biome) The giants may be coming out in the dusk since We see the sun setting in the background and the Giant between the autumn style trees
  9. I think Blue. I like icy but I think its going too far with the icy hair . Also if you may I please you to make his gloves a bit more unique,like aqua coloured,or ice to match with his style
  10. Got to clap for your amazing job if this is still in progress im completely loking forward to see what amazing and interesting creature you are going to make out of this very simple Idea