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  1. He looks so uncomfortable with the earthworms crawling across his face
  2. Be Careful What You Wish For... [Forum Game]

    Granted, but your actions start a war between the Freemasons and the Illuminati. I wish North Korea didn't have any nuclear weapons.
  3. Be Careful What You Wish For... [Forum Game]

    Granted, but it is absorbed into your other nothings. I wish I could cook food with my mind.
  4. What... is this!?

    A living sweater. Fascinating.
  5. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    Reminds me of early Mickey Mouse cartoon quality.
  6. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    To be honest, Maxwell's Adventure Mode cloak probably provides a nice amount of warmth. Which is probably why he doesn't mind dropping poor Wilson off in the snow.
  7. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    Friendly Ewecus (lol)
  8. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    I love this. And I can't stop laughing.
  9. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    You ate the pink, phosphorescent slime secreted by an odd bug-like creature that spawned from a mysterious statue in the middle of nowhere that follows you if you pick up a smelly red flower? Genius! Also, are you still taking requests? If so, can you make a 4:20 picture of Maxwell (with Snoop Dogg)? I've always found it funny that he has that stubby little cigar.
  10. You, my friend, deserve a medal.
  11. (whoa... first time using a spoiler tag for an actual spoiler) Meaning Maxwell may eventually be implemented as a DST character? I wonder how the Codex Umbra's mechanics will adapt to multiplayer...
  12. Not Maxwell. Them. As in the Them Maxwell mentions in the Epilogue of Adventure Mode and the shadowy creatures that keep appearing in the William Carter puzzles and in-game (Night Watcher, Mr. Skitts). A confrontation with Them would be an enormous expansion to the game's lore.
  13. Backstory hint? Or at least indication that the backstory will progress?
  14. What Was Your First Death?

    I had the genius idea of stealing an egg from a Tallbird without a Log Suit.
  15. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    "I have to sew my walrus hat." "Don't your pockets get greasy from all those Bacon and Eggs?" "Where's the damn Metal Potato Thing?"
  16. Has anyone tried combining pieces from this puzzle and last update's? Maybe the chess pieces fit in Maxwell's hands...and maybe last week's pieces that didn't seem to fit will now fit this week, and vice versa.
  17. The thin bronze robot appears to be a re-vamped version of the robots around the Wooden Thing in the trailer. Either way, Maxwell definitely seems to have a penchant for technology. Maybe he created WX-78 as well?
  18. As Wes on Day 1, took down a Spider Nest with fists, taking no damage.
  19. Given the heavy implication that Maxwell is a demon, I speculate that he will have some sort of transformation, possibly into a monster with the shadowy hands in the world creation and title screens. I can imagine quite a few ideas for such a boss...
  20. I can shed some light on this. Everyone, this is not, repeat not the end credit music. These are just different background music files for the game. Since they are all under gramophone.fsb, they all play in succession. This is made obvious by the lack of transitions between songs and the fact that most of these are already implemented into the game/in the trailer. It is possible that some of the other ones will be implemented into the game soon, but it is unknown when or where. I repeat, this is not the end credits theme. These are just music files for the game played in succession.
  21. Shadow hands?

    If your sanity is low (I think below 40), at night, you may hear a music box playing. If you do, quickly look around your fire. You should see a squiggly hand reaching out from the darkness toward your fire. Step on it to temporarily send it back to the darkness. If the hand reaches your fire, it will be extinguished. As your sanity decreases, more hands will appear, and they will come back faster.
  22. A message McTusk n Son

    Maybe an igloo is just a temporary base of operations for them, or a new type of shelter for you in Winter.
  23. Maybe it just means an increase in difficulty. Or possibly that the storyline actually involves some characters dying. Or, at least, seeming to die...