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  1. A little bug with xp problem

    Me too and I didn't get my chest
  2. Could be a puzzle
  3. [Game Update] - 165861

    @V2C @PeterA I get disconnected every 4 days
  4. Where is your profile pic from? It looks pretty official to me

  5. What... is this!?

    I found doors last year, as I saw your posting I decided to search again
  6. What... is this!?

    New Creatures are coming soon
  7. Snowmen And Lava Caves XD

    1. Michi01


      What about snow caves and lavamen?

    2. LoayzaPaul


      They just need to be real in DS and DST :p

      I want everything!

  8. I assume that DST could be released on March, 2015 (could be), If I'm not mistaken spring begins on April and according to what I read "Through the Ages" is coming in Spring of 2015 Maybe I don't know
  9. What´s this?

    A meteor, dorp rocks, flints, moon rocks
  10. Come on Klei, I can't wait, Hurry up! @SethR Please, Phase 2! Don't let us starve, Feed us with more Info