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  1. Meanwhile the Illuminati, the Freemasonry, the phone operators, the medical centers, World governments, Apple, ios, Android, Google, Windows, every digital app every device, using and keeping your info data. XD
  2. This beta is amazing and I thanks a lot to the entire Klei team for making and working hard on this wonderful game. Here's something I would like to see in the game: I would like them to add an area for growing Giant Mushrooms and new vegetables and fruits. I would also like to see some ornamental and decorative plants, as a lover of nature and as a grower of carnivorous plants XD I would like to see these plants in the game as Giant Carnivorous Plants. Here are a few photos of my plants so that all of you can delight in my collection of Carnivorous Plants XD
  3. This pic from The George Event is blurred Here a different:
  4. @V2C @PeterA I get disconnected every 4 days
  5. Where is your profile pic from? It looks pretty official to me