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Reign of Giants public test: March 18th Update

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  • Developer

March 18th Update Build number 130707

Thanks everyone for helping us on our first day of testing. You've found a whole lot of crashes and so we've been focused on fixing those first, as well as all the invisible items and creatures.

Here's what we fixed in today's update:

  • Wickerbottom spoiled food penalty
  • Crash when picking up a burning backpack
  • Lighting things on fire with the fire staff
  • Starving butterflies and their feeding
  • Many many invisible entities, including Icebergs and Catcoons
  • Crash when deciduous trees try transforming
  • Crash when spawning krampus sack
  • Abrupt end of winter
  • Crash when the food in a crockpot spoils
  • Crash when certain items drop from tumbleweed
  • Crash when trying to sleep in bedroll
  • Crash when client gets struck by lightning on dedicated server
  • Crash when haunting birchnuts
  • Buzzards not fighting over meat
  • Glommer's flower not despawning
  • Withered objects refreshing themselves in autumn
  • Missing animation in tree_leaf
  • Crash when killed by a birchnutter
  • Lighter doesn't lose durability
  • Webber moves slow on web
  • Crash when using Furry Bedroll
  • Crash in basehassler on starting some dedicated servers
  • Flingomatics stop functioning if they reach zero fuel
  • Non-wilson characters have proper examines for skeletons
  • Farms crash when burnt and hammered
  • Catcoon tail crashes on clients

Original Post:

Hi everybody! As you know we've been hard at work on integrating Reign of Giants into Don't Starve Together, and we're just about ready to launch it! The main challenge at this point is that RoG is a whole lotta game and we need your help testing it to make sure we didn't break things as we converted it over to multiplayer.

It's not quite ready for prime-time yet, but if you want to hop in to our testing branch, we'd really appreciate letting us know if anything is crashing, broken, or missing.

Instructions for getting the RoG test version:

  • You must already own Don't Starve Together. (Reign of Giants not required.)
  • The game must not be running.
  • In your Steam client right click on Don’t Starve Together Beta and select “Properties”
  • Select the “Betas” tab
  • Enter the code “rogtogetherbeta” in the text box and press the “Check Code” button. You should see a confirmation message that the RoG_Together_Beta is now available.
  • In the drop-down under menu select to opt into RoG_Together_Beta. You should see a message that you have successfully opted into the RoG_Together_Beta. Press “Close”.




This uses the same save slots as the normal game but the saves aren't compatible. Make sure you create a new save file for your RoG test as the save files won't transfer back to the normal game.


Please keep all bug reports and related conversation in this thread so that all the feedback related to this special testing branch is in one place. Thank you!

Current known issues:

  • Bearger, Dragonfly, and Goosemoose (Moosegoose?) are still missing, they'll show up sometime soon though!
  • Moles and Moggles are missing due to technical challenges with night vision.
Major changes from single-player Reign of Giants to be aware of:
  • Deerclops shows up all winter long to harass everyone's bases.
  • Heat stones have been reworked to more clearly display if they'll help you or not. The graphics change to show if the stone is warmer or colder than the current ambient temperature.
  • Updated smallbird lifecycle so they can grow up in the wild.
  • Crafting menu has been altered to be more dynamic, so scroll arrows only show when needed. Mouse wheel also works on it!
  • Full moon has been retuned to 1 night every 22 days, starting on the 11th day.
  • Flingomatic no longer has an on-off switch.
  • The Old Bell and Bigfood are absent from multiplayer due to their extreme destructive potential.
  • There are also many small changes and fixes, but keep your eyes peeled for anything weird!
  • We will be continuing to address balance and tuning issues for multiplayer, so your feedback is appreciated!
Thanks for your help, everyone! We're excited to get RoG out to you!

Don't forget to post your feedback in this thread. The test branch is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Dedicated server instructions:

If you are running your server through the steam interface: Simply go through the above process with the Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server in the tools list to join the rog_together_beta branch and launch the server.

If you are running from the command line using steamcmd:

Launch steamcmd and run:


app_update 343050 -beta rog_together_beta -betapassword rogtogetherbeta validate 
Further information can be found at: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD

Thanks @Kzisor!

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Excited about trying it tonight. One question though;


What does this mean? How many Deerclops attacks can we expect per winter now?  


I'd say two to three, like when they're set to lots in the pre-settings. I was prepared to fight many tentacles for rain coats but I guess this will not be that necessary.


edit : "It will attack every 2-3 days" wow ok then.

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Me and Silhh were so happy to finally see the catcoon in action but alas it was short.

We encountered this error upon his death to a flock of bees. She (The non-host) crashed but not me(The host)

[00:01:57]: loaded modindex	[00:01:57]: ModIndex: Beginning normal load sequence.	[00:01:57]: ModIndex:GetModsToLoad inserting moddir, 	workshop-373991022	[00:01:57]: Could not load mod_config_data/modconfiguration_workshop-373991022	[00:01:57]: Loading mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons) Version:1.14	[00:01:57]: Mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons)	Loading modworldgenmain.lua	[00:01:57]: Mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons)	  Mod had no modworldgenmain.lua. Skipping.	[00:01:57]: Mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons)	Loading modmain.lua	[00:01:58]: LOADING LUA SUCCESS[00:01:58]: PlayerDeaths loaded morgue	5520	[00:01:58]: loaded profile	[00:01:58]: bloom_enabled	false	[00:01:58]: loaded saveindex	[00:01:58]: OnFilesLoaded()	[00:01:58]: OnUpdatePurchaseStateComplete	[00:01:58]: 	Unload FE	[00:01:58]: 	Unload FE done	[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0x635a5072 (zoro)[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0x41ba89b5 (nightmarefuel)[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0x54cb7c3e (cookedmonstermeat)[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0x23143240 (monstermeat_dried)[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0x29ad5029 (spoiled_food)[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0x8362ab32 (tentacle)[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0x635a5072 (zoro)[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0x8362ab32 (tentacle)[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0xb430ba46 (splash_ocean)[00:01:58]: Could not unload undefined prefab 0xaeb1c368 (book_fx)[00:02:00]: Mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons)	Registering prefabs	[00:02:00]: Mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons)	  Registering prefab file: prefabs/globalicon_network	[00:02:00]: Mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons)	    globalicon_network	[00:02:00]: Mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons)	  Registering prefab file: prefabs/globalicon	[00:02:00]: Mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons)	    globalicon	[00:02:00]: Mod: workshop-373991022 (Global Player Icons)	  Registering default mod prefab	[00:02:00]: 	LOAD BE	[00:02:02]: Could not preload undefined prefab 0x20e21d7a (puppet_wes)[00:02:02]: Could not preload undefined prefab 0x20e21d7a (puppet_wes)[00:02:03]: Could not preload undefined prefab 0x67bb53b (mole)[00:02:04]: 	LOAD BE: done	[00:02:05]: Deserialize world session from client_temp/server_save	[00:02:05]: MiniMapComponent::AddAtlas( minimap/minimap_data.xml )[00:02:05]: Loading Nav Grid	[00:02:06]: setting 	summerlength	15	[00:02:06]: setting 	elapseddaysinseason	6	[00:02:06]: setting 	isfullmoon	false	[00:02:06]: setting 	moisture	5108.9462890625	[00:02:06]: setting 	springlength	20	[00:02:06]: setting 	moonphase	new	[00:02:06]: setting 	precipitationrate	0	[00:02:06]: setting 	winterlength	15	[00:02:06]: setting 	iswinter	false	[00:02:06]: setting 	issummer	false	[00:02:06]: setting 	moistureceil	5205.4736328125	[00:02:06]: setting 	isday	true	[00:02:06]: setting 	season	spring	[00:02:06]: setting 	isnight	false	[00:02:06]: setting 	isdusk	false	[00:02:06]: setting 	issnowing	false	[00:02:06]: setting 	wet	false	[00:02:06]: setting 	snowlevel	0	[00:02:06]: setting 	issnowcovered	false	[00:02:06]: setting 	autumnlength	20	[00:02:06]: setting 	pop	0.97973422635951	[00:02:06]: setting 	time	0.078378280003866	[00:02:06]: setting 	temperature	19.638970779338	[00:02:06]: setting 	phase	day	[00:02:06]: setting 	precipitation	none	[00:02:06]: setting 	remainingdaysinseason	14	[00:02:06]: setting 	cycles	41	[00:02:06]: setting 	timeinphase	0.25081049601237	[00:02:06]: setting 	worldmoisture	0	[00:02:06]: setting 	israining	false	[00:02:06]: ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.	[00:02:06]: Reset() returning[00:02:06]: QueryServerComplete no callback[00:02:09]: Attempting to send resume request[00:02:14]: ReceiveResumeNotification[00:02:14]: Movement prediction enabled	[00:02:14]: Loading minimap from session/0A20007107F9BD6F/KU_Gl4sTPnP_/minimap[00:02:14]: Deserializing cached icon data: 1248[00:02:14]: Deserializing tile data (450 x 450)[00:07:07]: [string "scripts/components/inventoryitem.lua"]:10: attempt to index field 'inventoryitem' (a nil value)LUA ERROR stack traceback:scripts/components/inventoryitem.lua:10 in (field) ? (Lua) <9-11>   self =      inst = 118009 -  (valid:true)      _ = table: 2924BF48   owner = nilscripts/class.lua:30 in () ? (Lua) <23-32>   t = table: 2924BFE8   k = owner   v = nil   p = table: 2924C5B0   old = nilscripts/components/inventoryitem.lua:32 in (field) _ctor (Lua) <29-56>   self =      inst = 118009 -  (valid:true)      _ = table: 2924BF48   inst = 118009 -  (valid:true)scripts/class.lua:181 in (local) cmp (Lua) <171-184>   class_tbl = table: 2924BDE0   arg = nil   obj = table: 2924BFE8scripts/entityscript.lua:499 in (method) AddComponent (Lua) <490-508>   self (valid:true) =      GUID = 118009      Transform = Transform (0C477850)      inlimbo = false      persists = true      actionreplica = table: 2925A700      event_listening = table: 2924A918      event_listeners = table: 2924A7D8      actioncomponents = table: 2925A520      Physics = Physics (0C477A10)      spawntime = 297.50001551583      Network = Network (0C4775F0)      entity = Entity (1C7621D0)      AnimState = AnimState (0C4775D0)      components = table: 2925A7F0      replica = table: 2925A6D8   name = inventoryitem   cmp = table: 2924BDE0scripts/prefabs/coontail.lua:18 in (field) fn (Lua) <6-32>   inst = 118009 -  (valid:true)scripts/mainfunctions.lua:148 in () ? (Lua) <137-168>   name = coontail   prefab = Prefab coontail - 

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 Second, @rezecib regarding Wigfrid, do you mean you couldn't perform these actions as Wigfrid, or on another Wigfrid? We'll have a look in both cases, but just in case we have trouble reproducing it. 

 The specific case was Wigfrid trying to feed Webber-- I couldn't feed him butterflies, butter, and a few other things I tried. It wasn't that the action failed, it just never showed up as a right-click action. But I'll try to do some more detailed testing tonight.

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Is this a good time to ask about the status of the crock pot premature rot bug?  I don't have DST so I can't check myself, but I assume since it hasn't been fixed in the base game yet, it's now present in DST too.  I described repeatable circumstances here if anyone wants to test this for themselves.


It's quick & simple to fix: in the base game the easiest way is to cancel spoiltask at the end of Stewer:Harvest

      self.product = nil      self.spoiltargettime = nil      --bugfix starts here      if self.spoiltask then            self.spoiltask:Cancel()            self.spoiltask = nil      end      --and that's itend 

Alternatively, you could call Stewer:StopCooking("harvested") instead, since it will do the same thing anyway.

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This is awesome! We're having a lot of fun. Haven't looked to see if this has been reported, but my husband and I were playing just the two of us when suddenly, around Day 7, all of our resources were suddenly picked. Not just a few things here and there, or places we'd already gathered. Grass, twigs, berries, and even skeleton boons were empty all over the world, including areas we hadn't explored yet. Grass and berries were not unfertilized, like in parts of Adventure Mode, but they also didn't grow back. It made for some very interesting, panicked gameplay. We did not have any big crashes or anything, just minor lag that was probably from our terrible internet connection. Great job so far! Can't wait to see how things continue to roll out! 

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Couple of things I noticed:


  • Bee boxes aren't producing any honey. Had them up for 6 days and we didn't get a single piece. Plenty of flowers in the area too.
  • Wigfrid's animation for refusing to eat non-meats is hilarious please don't change it. 

Also, was the range on the Ice Fling-o-matic always this small? I didn't think it was. What are the changes to it? 

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Wigfrid's animation for refusing to eat non-meats is hilarious please don't change it. 
 It is amazing, but I think there's something going wrong with her eyes/nose that could be fixed. The mouth and hands are spot-on, though.
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 It is amazing, but I think there's something going wrong with her eyes/nose that could be fixed. The mouth and hands are spot-on, though.

I know it's broken and that's part of why it's funny. I was just being facetious.


Also is it just me, or is anyone else seeing merms kiting invisible tentacles? Not tentacles that are emerging, tentacles that straight up aren't there.  

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I have noticed that in the World Generation settings when creating a server that there are two options displaying the pig-heads (touchstone option). I also noticed the skeleton with loot option was not there. This may mean that one of the pig-head options is actually the usual skeleton option with the wrong graphic.

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  • Flingomatic no longer has an on-off switch.


How is this going to work? You'll have to either have a light source other than fire pits in your base or you'll have to take the chance of your base spontaneously combusting, which I presume can now happen when you're not on the screen.

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Just came out of a game that was pretty much unplayable. Issues I noticed:

  • It was autumn. It started to rain on day 3 and it never stopped. Eventually everyone became fully wet and froze to death.
  • Around the same time (day 3-4), all the grass and twigs became cut/picked and they never replenished.
  • Attacked a beefalo and kited it. All of its friends eventually gave up, except for one. Had to fight both of them.
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