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  1. Wait where is willows pigtails. I NEED THEM.
  2. *Instant bought the Snowfallen Feast Chest without second thought* Oh no. Oh no. You know me too well you beautiful bastards.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Downloads for the weapon tutorial
  4. As a Non-PvP player I don't see why this is a bad thing compared to the other posts. I remember people joining my server and spam haunting the hogriculture book for infinite Crops and what have you. Never did like that. I guess the real downside is the RNG chance of getting an Grief book(Nigh, Sleep, and Tentacles). You should do it like the crockpot where if it haunts it, it just turns into rot. But instead of rot it turns into a 'blank book' that a ghost can write its spooky messages in, like you guys did with the signs. Or Alternatively a normal book that can only be used as fire fuel. The infinite use aspect the books have been removed and thats what I'm happy for. But it does seem like the RNG chance of getting a grief book is a bit disheartening.
  5. So servers are working so that's nice but now how do I enable mods? Everything seems to be working but no matter where I place my modoverrides I still play in Vanilla. I know for sure I updated my Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server but by skimming the thread I have to make a new one or something? I think this way of making the server is fine as I got "most" things figured out but there is no indicator on how to enable mods... It also doesn't help I'm not doing the conventional way: mklink /j "target" "source" Which I find infinitely better than the standard.
  6. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    @Dleowolf, Thanks mate I appreciate it. I feel like I haven't given you enough credit for like...literally all my characters so I want to give thanks! Happy Holidays aswell ^^
  7. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    I have a question regarding the New DST Clothes compatible build. When I used the old build, I would enter the spriter project with notepad++ and change the X and Y pivots of the sprite files to accommodate the character. Problem is, with this new Spriter Project, no matter how many times I change the X and Y pivots it'll still remain in the default pivot position(when previewing it through spriter). Is there a new way to go about this now? I really hope so, because this is the only way I know how to change the pivots without messing with the canvas/art.
  8. Version 1.0


    Someone who couldn't download my character from the DST workshop asked me kindly to upload it here. So here it is!
  9. >Mfw[Avatar pic] when I do a mod for a friend and they request 10000 perks...

  10. Rin!! Stop holding your breath!! You're gonna get saggy cheeks!! O__O

  11. [WARNING]: Hash string lookup out of space *Sigh*

  12. Yeah this seems like a major problem for me even after the quickfix. I hope you guys get it fixed soon. I havent played in 5 days because of this and it's internally killing me that I can't have my Don't Starve Fix
  13. I still very much so have this problem unfortunately. I had to reduce a large chunk of my mods in order for it to stop spamming me, AND EVEN THEN, there's this very small percentage that it'll trigger and my console will be yet again be filled with that annoying Warning Error.