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  1. Spawned a buzzard during winter and crashed. Trying to find bugs now lol.
  2. Deerclops should not respawn as quickly as he does. And his attack range is ridiculous. We managed to take one down, all eight of us with a ton of difficulty. Four days later, boom, here he is. We all dead, dead, dead.
  3. Can someone help me please? I opted into this, then opted out because there's a severe lack of players, so I thought I'd wait until it catches on more. Now, I can't access my servers on the vanilla version, even though I brought them from the vanilla version. I opted back in, and there they were, still vanilla version, but now on the beta. Is there a simple save move that I have to do to get them back to the vanilla version?
  4. Birchnutters still causing crashes for the people on the server I hosted, even with the updates.
  5. Found a few more. Spawned in broken clockworks. Tried to add gears. Crashed. Wall got damaged by treeguard. Every time I repaired it "I can't do that." came up, even though I repaired it.
  6. We tried to hammer burnt advanced farms and it crashed the server multiple times.