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  1. [Game Update] - 348553

    This is a joke right? Are you guys actually listening to the community, or...? How about we get some sort of explanation from you regarding your design philosophy behind heat management?
  2. [Game Update] - 279046

    Maybe build a lavatory and an outhouse, then disable the latter?
  3. [Game Update] - 279046

    Some people have a different definition for "work".
  4. Through the Ages

    On the contrary, I'd argue that roadmaps are an obligation during early-access. We all made a financial investment and we deserve regular updates on progress and expected timeframes for feature delivery. Seriously, it should take an hour at most to write a post that says, "here is what we are working on right now and how long we expect it to take." No one expects it to be 100% accurate, but everyone wants to have a rough idea for when new content should be coming out. At this point I've mostly written off DST. I check the forums about once a week and read the update notes, but for the past 2+ months the only thing we've seen is adding existing characters and fixing really minor bugs. For example, today's update included: Seriously? Was this such a game-breaking bug that it needed to be fixed? Why not focus your time, attention and resources on getting major content (caves, through the ages, etc.) out the door? I'm a software developer by trade, I've delivered some very complex software products, and this **** just makes me roll my eyes.
  5. Through the Ages

    I asked this several times and the rather dismissive response from Klei (and their fanboys here) was "watch the weekly Dev Casts, we tend to talk about what we are currently working on." Which is incredibly unprofessional, and is a complete non-answer, but whatever.
  6. Through the Ages

    That's why I keep asking for an updated road map. We have no idea when to expect anything at the moment, and as an Early Access/Beta player, I find it pretty annoying. They occasionally throw us a bone in the form of adding existing characters to DST, but that's not really "content" in my eyes.
  7. [Ghosts] Yay or nay?

    Most people play on public, dedicated servers. People who play only with friends are a minority. And the issue with dedicated servers is that admins (i.e. server owners) are not online most of the time.
  8. [Ghosts] Yay or nay?

    Griefers will always exist. The question is, why give them an incredibly destructive and utterly unstoppable griefing tool, and make that tool trivial to acquire? Here's a simple idea to change haunt: make it so that only a single object can be haunted at any given time, and haunted objects become unusable for a short duration (e.g. 10 seconds). Ghost haunts chest? You can't open it. Ghost haunts crockpot? You can't cook in it. Ghost haunts alchemy engine? You can't use it. And so on. This way, they can cause some mischief (so that people don't completely ignore them), but cannot destroy entire bases and single-handedly ruin the game for everyone.
  9. [Ghosts] Yay or nay?

    I actually want a gamemode where if you die, you're out of that server until it resets. Call it "Hardcore" or something, since it would be for more experienced players.
  10. They might have increased the spawn rate of "special" finds like that to compensate for it being multiplayer.
  11. This happened to me as well. I was out foraging on the 4th day of winter and it spawned a screen away and started to chase me. I eventually got on a road and outran him, but instead of chasing me back to base, which I would expect a boss monster to do, it kinda sat there and eventually despawned. I haven't tested it further but I'm pretty sure this strategy could be used to cheese the threat completely. Just have someone drag him away from base and then leave him in the middle of the wilderness somewhere.
  12. I have never had this issue. Have you tried disabling your mods?
  13. Actually, it does annoy me too when server admins just spawn stuff too. I know this is a beta, but item spawning is a very crude way to look for bugs. If you want to test the game that way, fine, but please put that in the server name ("item spawning on" or something) so that people who want to play normally know about it in advance.