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  1. I've read this comment 10 times and I'm still not sure what tone it's meant to be read in.
  2. You have to deal with being bucked off frequently for a while, but the upkeep isn't much bigger than you're asking for as long as you ride them continuously. And even with being bucked off so often, it's still much faster than you can move on your own. As for the bucking itself, it seems reasonable to me that things are tougher at the beginning of a long process and smooth out as time goes on. It's really a pretty mild inconvenience. And if you're not in a dangerous situation, you can just... let them buck you off if it bothers you so much. That's not a great idea because it can give the beefalo time to buck off its saddle, though. I don't see how any of this is unbalanced, or what's misleading. What's wrong with there being multiple ways to achieve the same goal? It can seem a bit confusing, but that has a lot to do with how people convey the relevant information, i.e. overly detailed. What you actually need to know is fairly simple.
  3. Because even if you're given that changing structures to be harder to demolish when desired would be a good thing (and you're not), there's still plenty of room to blame people who exploit those things because their fun is others' misery?
  4. Hate to be a smart aleck but I mean, of course they don't. As you and others have pointed out, they're dumb, made of paper, and your reward after 28 days of feeding the stupid things is having to turn them into less food than would have fed them for a day. I think you're correct that all they are is a prank pulled on players. Or it's possible that there was a time in the development cycle when the 18 days they're half-decent combatants was actually decently valuable? I dunno. I don't have a huge problem with the way they work now mostly because at this point it's not something that happens on accident or anything; everybody who knows it can be done knows what's waiting for them at the end of the process. Plus, I don't really know how you could reasonably balance them remaining followers as adults. I suspect any attempts to do so would be incredibly messy. But if people want smallbird critters, maybe what they could do is repurpose the raising process: when a smallbird becomes an adult, they leave, but leave behind an item needed to recruit a smallbird critter, like a more troublesome and less gruesome variation of the Broodling adoption process. Alternatively, maybe as Caochu suggested, make it so homeless Tallbirds will make their own nests. Adult tallbirds still want to kill you because they're awful, but after chasing you for a while they settle down and make a nest, so nests are renewable so long as they're not all destroyed. What I do have a problem with, though, is the way the whole spring breeding situation works. The way smallbirds starve to death and teenbirds start fights with their parents, inevitably either killing or being killed by them, just seems incredibly lazy.
  5. Have you ever done any training for an astronaut program? Have you ever been to space? I agree that not everybody who wants to accomplish a task quickly is a speedrunner, but saying that only the absolute best of the best get to call themselves one is nonsense. If people are making concerted efforts to hone their ability to accomplish a task as quickly as possible, they're speedrunning. They're speedrunners. And since adjectives exist and we can qualify the most adept of speedrunners as "the best" or "world record holders," it doesn't cheapen their accomplishments at all.
  6. Why so mean? Most of those people aren't hurting you or anybody else. Having fun a different way than intended isn't some kind of failure of character. As long as they're not being jerks about it.
  7. I kind of agree, but also it's pretty damned funny too
  8. In cooking.lua, the function that adds items to a list of possible crock pot ingredients and their values accepts additional boolean arguments for cooked and dried variations to make adding them automatic. However, several ingredients without cooked variations are passing true for being cookable to the function. For example: AddIngredientValues({"honey", "honeycomb"}, {sweetener=1}, true) Where "true" is passed for the boolean argument "cancook". Currently, honey, honeycomb, royal_jelly, and pondeel (the live version of an eel) pass true, despite not having cooked versions (there's no "pondeel_cooked") Additionally, the naked nostrils are passed together with morsels with "candry" as true, despite there being no "batnose_dried". It should probably be moved into the call above: AddIngredientValues({"froglegs", "drumstick", "batwing"}, {meat=.5}, true) AddIngredientValues({"smallmeat", "batnose"}, {meat=.5}, true, true) And lastly, an entry for the prefab "egg" is included, but no "egg" prefab exists. Presumably was meant for "bird_egg", but that's added in properly a couple of lines below. I don't know of any circumstance where this should cause a problem now, but it's probably best fixed to prevent any future issues.
  9. This may seem basic but I couldn't find it when last I looked: is there a way to just dump all the info on a selected entity to the console?
  10. I don't really see what you're splitting hairs about if you got the idea. Whatever word you want to use, I think there ought to be a way to make content good for group players without making it painful for solo players. In terms of the development track? They spent 3-4 months supporting Hamlet before explicitly telling everyone they were done with it, with plenty of game-breaking bugs left to fix. Unless you know something I don't, I don't see them coming back to it.
  11. Incorrect. The thermal stone has its own insulation value, and it's completely unaffected by the player's insulation. Some things about the stones changed in DST, but this isn't one of them. If you're using stones, the only reason to equip an item with insulation is because your stone has/is about to turn gray, to keep your temperature from plummeting/skyrocketing before you can charge it up again. Carryable containers already exist.