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  1. Webber can make friends with spiders and under normal circumstances they'll never attack him. Snaptooths will eat Wormwood up just for having meat on his person, a common circumstance. You could further take the fact that he doesn't lose any sanity when Snaptooths are killed as an implication he doesn't consider them his "friends." But really more than anything, there's no real reason to believe this is a bug, per se. Nothing in the code or any documentation suggests he shouldn't be affected by their insanity aura.
  2. But that boils down to a suggestion, and not a bug report. It may not be behavior you like, but there's no reason to believe it's not intended.
  3. The pointer to the tree a spider monkey herd is tied to in fact does not persist through saving and loading, observable simply by saving and quitting next to a couple hanging around their home, loading back up, waiting about 5-10 seconds and watching them relocate. That said I'm not sure that's directly responsible for the overpopulation. I can't really tell though because I can't follow the game's herd management logic to save my life. If this tree pointer saving business is fixed, I'd personally like to see something implemented in its place to make spider monkeys more deliberately periodically migrate a bit and spread their territory. Untended forests being overrun with spider creep seems like a sensible way to up danger factor a little. I actually also hope the population doesn't turn out to be a bug. I think the spider monkey population getting uncomfortably dense seems like a perfectly reasonable consequence of failing to go in and cull every now and then.
  4. Sounds like you have a magic flower planted back when there were some issues with its maximum health penalty being applied properly, which was fixed some weeks ago.
  5. You're mistaken. They've done that damage for as long as I've been playing the game.
  6. I don't really see why this would be expected. Recipes learned and structures prebuilt is saved to the character, and when you merge a Hamlet or SW world with a world from a previous DLC, the character in that world ceases to exist. This is almost certainly intended behavior.
  7. I may be mistaken, but I think the game avoids placing secret rooms that can only be accessed from the north. This wouldn't be helpful to him as he's not Klei staff. You'd have to zip it up and upload it here. If you're absolutely certain there's no possibility left except a crack hidden on the left side of the screen, there's only two rooms you need to check: the left room in the topmost row on the map, and the leftmost room in the bottom row. Those are the only places where a room could have been placed that would have an entrance that might be covered up by the crafting bar that wouldn't have resulted in visible cracks in another room by which to find them.
  8. You're actually on to something, sort of. They wouldn't spawn all over the world since those objects aren't loaded in at the moment, but when you put the goggles on the game does have to check what IS loaded in to see if needs to draw any of those indicators. Depending on where you are and how strong your system is or isn't that could explain what's going on. A similar sweep of loaded objects has to be done when putting on the infroggles to figure out which objects need the color/lighting adjustments to them that makes living things show up red.
  9. Again, the fact that it's not perfectly logical is irrelevant. You answered your own question: it looks like intended behavior because despite obviously being a gag on thermal goggles, all it reacts to is life. Surely you can't think they actually forgot about fire, one of the most fundamental components of game play? They never once walked by a light source while wearing them during testing? Science in the world of Don't Starve starts with a machine made of logs, some rocks, a couple of wooden wheels, and a lever, all situated on a stool. Check logic at the door.
  10. I think "I like mine black" is just a joke about burning the beans, and even if it was more than that it could just be an out of character comment, as she does make a few now and then. I am however totally for letting her drink tea with the made from pikos rationale because it's ridiculous and I love it. This still doesn't belong on the bug tracker though.
  11. Just because it doesn't make sense doesn't mean it's a bug. This is clearly intended behavior. Whether or not it should be is a matter for the suggestions forum.
  12. Just because you like it doesn't mean it's not a bug. That said, flowers can be planted literally anywhere inside or out, so this might not necessarily be unintended behavior.
  13. It's exclusive to Hamlet owners because it was developed as part of the Hamlet DLC. This isn't a bug.