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  1. Placed some dogfish on a couple of drying racks, and at some point I came back and the racks appeared to be empty, but nothing could be placed in them and inspecting them gave the quote for something still drying on them. The drying dogfish sprites were there when I first put them up. Used "print(TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse().components.dryer.ingredient)" to check, and the dogfish are still there. Screenshot.
  2. If you cover all of a puddle with sandbags and then start to hammer them down, some tiles may have their water removed, or they may leave behind glitched, perfectly square sections of flooded land. Screenshot below. Edit: These tiles generally disappear once the "eye" of the puddle has had its sandbag hammered down. For some reason, these didn't. It may have had to do with the fact that the two puddles were right next to each other, nearly overlapping. Still, whether they disappear or not, this doesn't look right at all.
  3. In the tuning files, the maximum movement speed penalty of the trawl net is set at 0.25, but because of the way the function that updates the speed as the net is used is written, the actual maximum movement speed penalty ends up being eight ninths of 0.25, or about 0.222. local function updatespeedmult(inst) local fullpenalty = TUNING.TRAWLING_SPEED_MULT local penalty = fullpenalty * (inst.components.inventory:NumItems()/TUNING.TRAWLNET_MAX_ITEMS) This could be fixed by dividing by (TUNING.TRAWLNET_MAX_ITEMS - 1) instead, I think.
  4. I built three ballphin palaces: one at a time I don't specifically recall, and two in the evening. The first one's ballphin behaved as expected, but the ballphins from the two houses I built in the evening came out the following morning and just... left. I wasn't able to find them afterward, and they don't come home. They headed south by southwest from their homes; the only significance I can discern is that the ballphins who "donated" their fins were originally vaguely in that direction, but I didn't see any homeless ballphins there when I checked. They didn't head for the center of the map either.
  5. Sometimes when you harvest mussel sticks, the mussel beds' sprites disappear, but are still there and examinable. Saving and quitting doesn't seem to fix this. If you insert another mussel stick, the sprite returns.
  6. I noticed this a long time ago but disregarded it and chalked it up to mod issues/save problems/whatever, but now I'm absolutely certain: the way the game keeps track of seasons is flawed. I did some searching and found user and modder rezecib explaining this: This seems to be an accurate assessment of the issue; I started looking through both the game's code and the code for the season clock in rezecib's popular "Combined Status" mod, and I saw neither evidence that a season should ever last an extra day by design (the wikis incorrectly claim that the SW seasons beyond mild each last an extra day; this is probably a combination of observing the inaccuracy and grepping the SW code for season lengths, which may lead someone to a commented-out chunk of code indicating such), nor that the mod itself could be causing it or misreporting season information; it pulls all its information from the game's builtin season manager component.
  7. I don't really know what to say except that aside from Volcano-related crashes, almost all of my CTDs seem to occur around tidal marshes, and they're somewhat frequent in occurance; if I spend a few hours in the vicinity of one, I'm bound to have at least one. In my latest game, I got one just sailing around the perimeter of a marsh island. It doesn't look like there's anything helpful in it, but log of the latest one is attached. log.txt
  8. Planted coconuts can rot

    This may not actually be a bug, but just in case: a coconut planted that would have spoiled before the sapling becomes a choppable tree will do so. This is at least inconsistent with birchnuts, and seems odd since graphically, once you plant a coconut the coconut is no longer even visible, replaced by the sapling.
  9. I can't pin down the logic behind where items go when you remove a piece of clothing or a tool, and I think it might not be consistent unless I'm just missing something. It seems like a lot of the time, items when removed attempt to place themselves in the inventory slot they were previously in... but not always. Sometimes they go to the first open inventory slot available; sometimes they will go into a slot they were in... before you moved them to another slot. The fallback for this doesn't even seem consistent; if the slot the item was previously in is full, sometimes it will go to the first available inventory slot, or... will go into the slot after the one that was filled? It makes no sense at all and it's very frustrating. This might also be an issue when using keyboard shortcuts to quickly equip and unequip items when playing with keyboard/mouse, but I haven't tested.
  10. I noticed this forever ago but only recently noticed what actually causes it: when playing with a controller, if you open the inventory, once you close it back up, the crafting bar to the left pops back into place with the mouse UI up. It will revert to the controller UI when you hit the left button so it's not a major issue, but a bug nonetheless. Edit: This doesn't always seem to be an issue. I quit a little while after I made this connection, and then started my world back up, and the issue was gone. But it definitely occurs frequently; I'm just not sure what triggers the condition that causes it to happen.
  11. At the end of the Epilogue chapter of Adventure Mode, it is impossible to speak with Maxwell and learn about the history of the world when playing with a controller; the player is only able to inspect the Nightmare Throne. This should probably be checked on the console version as well.
  12. When finishing a chapter in adventure mode, if you open the Teleportato to insert items to carry to the next world, it is no longer possible to activate the machine without switching to a keyboard/mouse setup; the option to use it with the B button is there before opening (before the metal ball in the middle takes the shape of Maxwell's head), but disappears once you open it instead. You might want to double-check this in the console version, as a quick google revealed that this was a problem at some point on it as well.
  13. I noticed a bit before Winter's Feast finally ended that in my world where I set events off in the world config that mobs in the caves were still dropping event food. If the caves has its own independent setting, this isn't exposed to the player in the caves config tab. I didn't happen to notice if I could craft the tree planter before it was too late or test any other event features.
  14. [Game Update] - 249566

    That's not a bug. It's just weird.
  15. When an old save is deleted in a given slot either by death or by choosing to delete it from the main menu, the old save files are left behind. While starting a new save will generate a new SW world, when you visit the new save's volcano, the game will attempt to load the previous save's volcano instead of generating a new one. This may or may not cause a crash.