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  1. "but then everything changed when the Dragonfly Nation Attacked..." hahahaha I love this!

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    2. GoshJosh


      Beefalo oh beefalo, they were warm in the snow. Sleeping one cozy night they woke up bare to their fright. Beefalo oh beefalo low, cold and sad now in the snow.

      =D those darn Umpa Lumpas!

    3. Mobbstar


      *cough* Beefalooo~,





    4. Asparagus


      Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

  2. Perharps it's just a faster way to cut down trees? idk
  3. @the truthseeker Spider hugs you, with his web! Hehehe
  4. My first time playing was on PS4 and a spider killed me. Ah the good old day of not knowing what I'm doing.
  5. mmmmmm Koalafant truck stew... I'm scared, someone hold me! I'm trying to stay positive, even without a beta key. I'm just playing Don't Starve and pondering the thought of crafting someone a backpack as Wickerbottom...lol
  6. Oh I totally agree that late game farming and beehives will sustain 4 people, or more. It's the early game that will be the challenge. There are only so many berries and carrots to go around, plus the meat if you hunt or capture for it. But if you play with friends that like to adventure around side by side, gathering will be a problem (including food for 4). With that being said, challenges are good and can be overcome by a group of friends.
  7. Well I don't have access to DST beta so I can't really offer any new information, wish I could. P.S. this is in the General Discussion section of the Don't Starve forums, so this is what I'm doing
  8. I like the idea of being able to help friendly players accomplish things and survive in this uncompromising world. Although, this will not necessarily make things easier. Starvation will be a big problem for larger groups of people. Also, at any point someone could make a mistake that has negative effects on the other players..."ops" I love these challenges that seem to be unfolding for the beta streams I've watched and I think DST is looking great (bugs are still prevalent of course). But seeing these new challenges makes me think this game will be just as fun, maybe more than the original. happy haunting beta testers!