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"Stuck in the Middle with Ewe" -- Don't Starve Together Closed Beta Update 2

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Update 2: Stuck in the Middle with Ewe - 119097


New Stuff

  • Survival Mode: when all players are dead a timer starts. When the timer is up, the world automatically resets and generates a new world using the same settings. Living players lose sanity based on the number of dead players.

  • Jury-Rigged Portal.

  • Hunting alone may not be a good idea.

  • Wendy finally got out of that portal.

  • Search Servers: search filter added. Search looks for server names and tags (separate with commas for multiple queries).

  • Tags: servers now have tags. A few tags are auto-populated based on the settings on the server creation screen. Mods can add additional tags.

  • Friends-Only: makes your server only joinable by people on your Steam Friends list.

  • LAN/Offline Mode: made explicit the difference between LAN/offline servers and online servers. Offline save games cannot be played online and online games cannot be played offline.

  • Steam Workshop enabled.

  • Automatic Mod Handling: download and enable mods being used on a server when joining. Locally-enabled server-side mods that are not on the server will be disabled when joining (and re-enabled after disconnecting). These apply to mods with the “all_clients_require_mod” flag set to true. Mods with that flag set to false will not be downloaded and will not be disabled when joining.

  • Mod Uploader: support for Don’t Starve Together. Uploader can now target both Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together.



  • Items with the “nonpotatoable” tag (i.e. things that can’t be taken through the Teleportato) will now drop from your inventory when you disconnect.

  • Telltale Heart recipe, health penalty, and description changed.

  • WX-78 will now lose his upgrades on death and drop a random number of gears based on his level.

  • Server name is now limited to 80 characters.

  • Account creation now uses the embedded Steam overlay browser.

  • Reduce network data for sound events.

  • Log file will now display more info when dumping a stack trace.

  • AddAction and AddComponentAction changed to work with multiple mods.

  • Game now pauses on a Lua assert.

  • Removed LuaSocket (for mod safety).

  • Improved sandboxing (for mod safety).


Bug Fixes

  • Resurrection health penalties are now saved correctly.

  • Fires started by Willow’s low sanity can now be seen by all clients.

  • Announcements now use the correct player colors.

  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour when spamming attack controls.

  • Fixed occasional hang on world load when it is raining.

  • Fixed LAN characters sometimes not resuming properly.

  • Unjoinable servers will no longer appear in the server list.

  • Fixed various components not going to sleep when their entity goes to sleep.

  • Optimized networking code sleepcheck.

  • All “logging in” strings moved to strings.lua.

  • Fixed issue with crashes that occurred in coroutines not being correctly handled.

  • Fixed issue where hound wave could start immediately if the world was started and ticked without any player spawned.

  • Fixed sanity animations on server.


These are the hotfix notes since the last update:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing Don’t Starve Together to occasionally crash when loading into a world.




  • The “Manage Bans” screen has become the Server Administration screen

  • Added automatic snapshotting of world state based on the daily autosave. The interval between snapshots (in days) and maximum number of simultaneous snapshots can be configured per world. Snapshots can be managed in the Server Administration screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Opening the pause menu, map, or chat bar no longer cancels movement

  • Players can no longer feed or give items to ghosts (except for the Telltale Heart)



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where player profiles did not correctly load
  • Fixed issue where server listing may not refresh correctly

  • Fixed crash sometimes when haunting

  • Fixed combat timing bugs




  • Renamed “Ban List” to “Manage Bans”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed physics bug when jumping out of wormholes

  • Fixed slow camera shake from distant meteor showers

  • Fixed various traps to not assert on dedicated servers and to act on the correct player on non dedicated servers.




  • Client movement prediction for player ghosts

  • Clients now have support for camera shakes

  • Improve meteor shower tuning (less stuff will accrue over time, which will reduce performance issues)

  • Add support for mod chars in playerbadge and targetindicator

  • Optimized network packet size

  • Player bans are now persistent rather than being cleared on shutdown. They can be managed through a new screen accessible from the server hosting screen, or by editing blocklist.txt (in the save folder) directly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where players will not stop sliding if they were revived while moving

  • Fix bug where clients may rubberband if  the pause menu, map, or chat bar is opened while the player is moving

  • Fix missing name on some boulders spawned by meteors

  • Fix server listing refresh button not greying out properly

  • Fix assert when trying to spawn pengulls after a player left




  • Feeding is now fully supported on clients

  • Feeding on PVP enabled servers is restricted to non-harmful foods (health and sanity)

  • Optimized network serialization and deserialization

  • Reduced number of network packets being sent as well as overhead per packet

  • Add meteor spawners (burnt mark icon: density in the world of meteor showers) and meteor showers (meteor icon: frequency of actual showers) to the world gen customization options

  • Meteors of different sizes now do different amounts of work to entities near impact point

  • Clients can now interrupt their emote animations by moving or performing another action

Bug Fixes

  • Correct actions are now shown on mouseovers for clients

  • Fixed bug where spawn point may change when a server is resumed (requires generating a new world)

  • Fixed item dupe bug when disconnecting with an item on your cursor

  • Fixed bug where sometimes not all items in your inventory drop upon death

  • Fixed McTusk and hunting party duplication issue

  • Fixed assert with members of hunting party going to sleep at unanticipated moments.

  • Fixed a number of stale component references that would ultimately lead to asserts.

  • Fixed some badge avatars for ghosts not adhering to naming conventions.

  • Fixed a case that causes clients to sometimes get stuck in desync

  • Fixed bug where lightning can hit WX-78 even when lightning rods are around



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where some actions would stop responding to mouse clicks

  • Fixed rare crash with Deerclops

  • Reduce CPU overhead with ping requests




  • The minimap is now treated as a proper front end screen.

  • Add support to the scoreboard screen for servers > 4 players.

  • Increase max number of players to on a server to 6.

  • Move the setting for max number of players for server-creation to the tuning.lua file. Variable is called MAX_SERVER_SIZE.

  • Make food with negative health values only give-able (not feed-able) when PvP is off.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Willow’s talking animation

  • Fixed clients sometimes desyncing when running against the edge of the world

  • Fix crash when mods are enabled and no mods exist in the mods directory.

  • Fix server details and mods list not being refreshed after user has clicked on report server or view mods.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in the scaling of the chat input widget
  • Fixed bug with ranged weapons not working beyond a certain distance from your target

  • Fixed bug where boomerangs do no damage to your target

  • Fixed bug where sometimes the server does not cancel a client’s action properly

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Hunting alone may not be a good idea.


What does it mean?


Maybe a hostile mob (possibly Hounds) will spawn and pursue you if they see a lone adventurer, as he would most likely be an easier target. Or maybe, in less spectacular fashion, just a damage nerf.


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When I read the "hunting alone may not be a good idea" note, I immediately thought of the Varg.  But looking through what others have posted already, I guess I was wrong.


Also, I do not know why but the gif of the Ewecus makes me think of this

Wilson: you have a cold?

Ewecus: no I am just allergic to you.


Cannot wait to find this thing, and see what is so dangerous about it..............the hard way XD

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