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  1. Wow... I have a practical exam in a few hours to study for and everything I covered has flown out of my mind because of all of this. And I haven't logged in for a very long time, but I just had to because there's just so much here! I don't mind the pay for skins. If it keeps Klei in business it's fine by me. I can understand the pros and cons for the decision, and to me it works out. Especially because I don't get to play that often due to school and work. Depending on what the skins look like and variety, I may just throw in money for some. It would be interesting to see these new abilities for the characters and figure out your team to go into the arena. I look forward to The Forge and other planned events! Your guys' timing on Shipwrecked news is amazing. It's always around the time I'm either in or going to my mother country. Love Shipwrecked and i hope someone can clarify if content updates will be released somewhat weekly or monthly just like before? It looks as if quite a bit will be added and I wonder how long the updates will come in before launch. Either way it's always nice to see the singleplayer get picked up again. Very curious on what will come about from the Hamlet DLC. Again, thanks Klei for bringing on the hype and content. And I have talked for too much nonsense, so I apologize for that. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to have my pre- in-game panic attack. (Tar slicks ... that's practically a tar pit! ... why did it have to be a tar pit?!?!)
  2. I am on the New Reign beta branch, and I will admit I am not familiar with all of the changes in the beta branch. But, I do want to know if burnt spiky trees dropping only ashes and not a single piece of charcoal was intentional or just a bug. The other trees seem to still drop charcoal, but not the spiky ones. I am assuming a bug since they normally drop charcoal, twigs, and sometimes a log, but I don't know at the moment for this situation. Just wanted to ask and wanted to know. Thanks.
  3. Coffee, oils, and things that are not meant to be used for the sake of creativity.  Who cares though!  One man's junk is another man's treasure

  4. Coffee, ceviche, tucans, macaws, monkeys, ridiculous tides, and thunder storms. It is like being back in the mother country, minus the landslides and dinosaurs.

  5. Mix and Match skins? YAAAAAAY!!!!

  6. It is amazing how the hype for Shipwrecked died out. I still have high hopes for the expansion; but for now, I'll just play Wind Waker.

  7. It is amazing how all the hype fors Shipwrecked died out. I still have high hopes for the expansions:

  8. Darn. I come back from the mother country only to find the Shipwrecked hype train left without me :(

  9. I have been inspired by the Happy Haunts, and now I want them to materialize!

  10. Granted. You are now proficient at drawing with charcoal, but your hands are forever stained with charcoal because you can NEVER wash it off. I wish the hole in my front yard would disappear.
  11. aawww, thank you. I feel honored for getting awarded for dumb luck. XD
  12. Sadly, no. I come from a family of mariners and got them involved in helping me solve this puzzle. It wasn't until one of my brothers asked how all of this came to be and I said that everything started at a shipwre- You can figure out what I did from there :/ I am so sorry that I ruined your puzzle. I feel so terrible about it. I never expected to get it through dumb luck of guessing. *prepares for smacks across the head from the community* Again, I am really sorry I'll go back to forum jail now. Wow! So that was how the puzzle was suppose to be solved. Great Job, and Congrats on the title change! You deserve it! I hope everyone's name's came out correctly, because the mulitquote isn't working properly on my end. Lastly, what is a Stalward. I saw that word several times on the shell card. Unless I am reading it wrong and it is suppose to be Stalwart, then I do not know. I'll shut up now.
  13. I got it