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  1. Okay that makes more sense than retconning the lore, also would explain why Wurt has a fish tail when the goats in the gorge didn't.
  2. Wait the description of Wurt's new skin implies that she would turn into a volt goat if she fails The Gorge since it wouldn't make sense for her to turn into a merm like the others. Does that mean...Mumsy and Billy were originally merms???
  3. So I realized that the issue is that the marble chess pieces spawned in an area with meteors, and the bishop must have been hit by a meteor, dropped the head, and then for some reason healed itself to a vase.
  4. So after several in-game years, I finally find the Marble Bishop head for the marble sculptures set piece. It was the last one needed, so I stuck it on, then we waited a few days for the full moon. While the moon was still in the phase prior to full, we went to the spot to set up. Suddenly the bishop statue is its normal fixed state, looking like a vase. I mine it, get a normal marble and the broken bishop. I think this may be the effect of a rollback, so I go back to the spot where I found the head, and find nothing. The other marble clockworks are in their fixed states, just this one "healed."
  5. In case anyone is curious about Wickerbottom and cat pet, when she owns one she says
  6. Anyone having problems with sinkholes showing this weird icon that can't be broken through? Trying to see if it's the mods we just installed, like I'm sure it is.
  7. This just happened after Cute Fuzzy Things came out. We don't have any mods installed. My friend has a gecko pen. It's in range of a flingomatic so they get splash damaged a lot during summer. Another friend was in the pen and accidentally pushed one through a stone wall while it was frozen. This seems to happen with any frozen thing. I wouldn't doubt that non-player entities could push frozen things through walls, but I haven't tested that.
  8. Is it actually out or are people pulling our legs? I got nothing on Steam.
  9. The wiki says it provides 3/4 the insulation of Wilson's beard, which would mean it probably has 3/4 the overheating power as well. I'll have to have my friend keep Wilson's beard on and see if he has the same problem.
  10. I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but Webber gets overheated faster than the other characters. I mentioned it a while back in normal DS (, and now I'm certain it's Webber related because my friend playing Wilson doesn't get the heatstroke warning when I do. If this is now a feature and not a bug, pardon me. It's been a while since I kept up with the patch notes.
  11. Doesn't matter the method, you're still getting things done for the betterment of everyone. You can still play and survive together without having to hold hands and skip down the paved road.
  12. Anyone who plays DST can tell you the game is not ready for release. In my experience the game is mostly stable, but they want to add more RoG content to it--among other things--before giving it the free release. As the others have said, the $5 is for the people who don't want to wait until the actual release, when it will be free for current owners of DS.