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The First DST-Specific Mod: Status Announcements

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After a discussion about ways to improve communication in DST, I realized I could do some of it with mods, so I did!
Status Announcements is a mod that lets you alt+click various parts of the HUD to announce in chat things related to them. Things you can announce:

  • Current hunger/health/sanity status. Alt+clicking your health badge will announce "I'm in perfect health!" if your health is full, or "I'm mortally wounded!" if it's very low. Sanity and hunger have different announcements specific to them ("AAAH! Stay back, beasts of darkness!")
  • Craftable items in the craft tabs. If you know how to build it and you have the supplies, it will announce that you'll make one. If you don't know how to build it, it will ask if someone can make you one (e.g. you have a Wickerbottom and no science machine yet, and you want her to make you a backpack). If you know how to make one, but don't have the supplies for it, it will say "We need more [craftable]s".
  • Ingredients for crafted items. Let's say night is falling and you have two twigs and one grass. Alt+clicking the grass in the torch recipe will announce "I need 1 more cut grass for a torch.".
  • Items in your inventory. Since alt+click already does something for these, you'll have to hold down shift as well. This will announce that you have the item, and how many: "I have 10 dragonpies."

By default, these are all whispered-- only displayed over your head-- but holding control in addition to the other modifiers will enter it into global chat.
For information on how to install mods in DST, see this thread. In the case of Status Announcements, it doesn't matter whether anyone else has the mod, as all the action takes place locally.
Uploads on the forums don't seem to be working right now, so I hosted the file myself here:
As soon as I know uploads are working again I'll replace this with a link to it in the Downloads section.

Uploads are working again, so now it has its own Downloads page!
Edit: Updated it to fix a bug where when joining another server it would overwrite the "I have 1 twig" whisper with the normal examine message.
Edit2: Updated it again to 1.2 to fix a bug where announcing a non-stackable item would crash the game. (that's what @Pyromailmann found below)

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  • Developer

This is great stuff, @rezecib! I've been away this weekend, so hadn't seen the thread about communication yet. Some clever ideas here, for sure. Somewhere down the line, I might see about incorporating some of these ideas into the (unmodded) game :-)

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Hey there, wanted to learn how to mod so I Decided to do some tinkering with yours.


I did some adjustments on it and got it to display values directly along with the cool little immersive messages you got.

Heres a screenie on how it looks.



I'm still a bit new to LUA programming but I've programmed alot with other languages and the adjustments work pretty good.


I can share the code of what I did if your interested


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@Zackreaver, Try not to necro really old threads like this :razz:


Glad to hear you're trying to get into modding, and thanks for the offer, but I can implement this myself pretty easily, along with max values.


If you want to get deeper into modding, I recommend taking a look at my guide on it.


Aww okay, I just wanted to help :(.  Guess when I get impatient I decide to just do it myself :).  I know from past experience how time consuming programming can be, especially making sure everything is clean, efficient, and bug free.  So I just wanted to see if I could contribute in some way since I did some tinkering for fun.


Thanks for the guide, I'll check it out, you look pretty experienced with all the stuff you did, and I use alot of your mods currently.


Also my bad on necroing the thread, I just wanted to show that I was capable lol.

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@rezecib, I was using this mod (also geometry grid - love it) and while I was inspecting my sanity meter as Willow... the host kicked me out...


She had to say something that would be misconstrued as a threat to burn down stuff... and it kinda didn't help that I was standing in the middle of their grass/sapling/berry bush patch XD


not complaining about it, just wanted to let you know that something like this could happen XD

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