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  1. I'm a little surprised this is still pending... This should be easy to reproduce and fix, is there anything I can do to help?
  2. @vascoegertklei That's weird. When you press backspace, it should say Rev. ### in the lower-left, what does it say?
  3. @Kickapoo Nice video. You can make it a lot faster (use fewer tries) if instead of testing positions one by one you divide the remaining positions in two and fill one half. Also, instead of filling the rest with an unused symbol, fill it with the next symbol-- although this gives only small gains, so is probably not necessary.
  4. @MrDeepDarkmind It doesn't look like you're following my procedure, unless I'm just not recognizing a partial solution... At no point should you have ABCDEF entered in, unless you've already found those to be the correct positions. Try following this again?
  5. @yujinthegamer That's a valid way to "stumble" on the solution, but it's not a very good way for always getting it. The algorithm I was trying to explain in the quote involves one person keeping it static while the other person uses a divide-and-conquer approach to find the correct position for a particular symbol. I'm not sure how else I can explain it better... Although I could elaborate more on how you get to the ABCDEF representation? One player gets blocky symbols, and the other player gets letter-like symbols. The blocky symbols always have some duplicates, but for the purpose of the algorithm you should still label them separately. So A corresponds to both the first blocky symbol and the first letter symbol, B to the second of each, and so on. Like yujin said, A should be in the same position for both players in the final solution. But if you put A everywhere, then the other player can put A in one half to determine if A belongs in that half or the other half.
  6. @MrDeepDarkmind I tried to explain an efficient algorithm for solving part 2 here:
  7. @Silentdarkness1 It's impossible to know for certain, but the information it sends to the server is: item prefabs (in order), item stack sizes (in order), and a list of all nearby player's userids. The thing that makes the most sense is that it would look for the pair who completed the first two parts, yeah.
  8. Exactly. If it does go on to send it to the server (when there are 2+ people), the server replies with the code, which could be 2, also spitting stuff out. But if there are fewer, it always spits.
  9. @Silentdarkness1 Yes, it's less than or equal to one. But @Toros is correct: if #players <= 1 then UnlockChest(inst, 2, doer) return end If there are less than or equal to one person, then it terminates right there. It doesn't even go on to send the information to the metheus server. And the parameter 2 passed to UnlockChest makes it spit out your items, and then have your character say the line for ANNOUNCE_SACREDCHEST_NO.
  10. @F2Li2 Not sure exactly what you mean by matching, but I think most people just send a screenshot and then refer to the symbols by ABCDEF or something like that.
  11. In the spreadsheet it was observed that the other one corresponds to a living animal (bird/rabbit/bee), but there are also some with three one-notch runes.
  12. They didn't appear, but if that's correct then they would have the combined notches of 8+1 for 9 and 12 + 1 for 13.
  13. I guess another interpretation of top/bottom and left/right would be that rather than each pair specifying a decimal digit, the positioning of the notches along the side doesn't matter and it's just two base-4 digits. So that would give: The bottom-right would be 15 (12 + 3).
  14. Regarding the numbers, there was a post that found a system for single-digit numbers: However this seems at odds with middle-top notch being 1. I've been trying to figure out the number system for 4 sides, and have observed that: There are only notches on the bottom if there are notches on the top There are only notches on the right if there are notches on the left Those two observations are consistent with interpreting left-right as a single digit, where left is + and right is -, and same for top-bottom. So this would suggest that we have a two-digit system. But if it's following HamBatter's interpretation, then center-top should be either 3 or 30... It would also suggest that one of the tiles is 77 (the one with 6 notches), which is way too high for an item stack count.
  15. @F2Li2 Solution for part 1: (ignore the part of the main post about part 2, it's not very good) Solution algorithm for part 2: People are still trying to figure out part 3. Mostly that's taking place in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IQ8pFhdRU1EQaisSea_-ckvhYq1ryI_ZJ2hcsxyX6DA/edit#gid=0