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  1. It's taking the location of the character one has clicked on and setting their location to the location of your own character.
  2. Sure. Attacker clicks/acts on Target, Target's location is changed to attacker's location.
  3. Alright, so a friend and I are working on a character that is able to "store" another character in them. We are essentially making an action that sets the affected character's location to the location of the affecting character, and also sets their anim build to an "invisible" build. My method of thinking is to create an action that sets a tag on the affected character "stored" to ensure that the character cannot be "stored" twice Function "onstored" that sets the affected character's anim build to invisible, sets their location to that of the acting character, and strips them of their actions Function "onunstored" that sets the affected character's anim build back to the target's original anim build and gives them their autonomy back. My main problem is finding a way to code a target object that refers to the affected user.
  4. Dude the Zoro mod on steam makes it able to use one his swords only by him.
  5. Oh, I'm so silly. I have lost all faith in myself at this point. I don't even know how I missed something so simple. Thanks a lot!
  6. Getting an error that states that it could not index the edible variable. This was done by using modmain only.
  7. How would I insert these values into currently existing data. Like I would want to make rocks edible. How would I go about it without editing the rocks prefab in my mod? I've used inst:addcomponent with no luck
  8. I'm using normal DS. I am still getting the same problem FOODTYPE undeclared. I will, however be using the character in DST as well, So this is helpful
  9. Thanks! And how would I add the foodtype to the item I want them to be able to eat? Also got foodtype not declared in modmain
  10. I am looking to make a character that cannot eat. They will only be able to eat one thing. How would I code this for a character?