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  1. I had to use VLC media player to see the thing.
  2. Corners... back against the sea... more on the mosaic biome... no one usually visits there... and it's got a diverse turf layout and close proximity to the meteor fields and graves... mostly for aesthetics.
  3. You know what Cthulhu is? basically that...
  4. This entire game is a gift from Klei the heavens
  5. @Chris1488 skins O__O
  6. inb4 it's a spinoff game that's set in the DS universe and is about the ancients but it's in 3D How's Hot Lava doing btw?
  7. Ban watermelen for thinking I should follow your rules and/or links
  8. Ban watermelen for anarchy and being a spoilsport, what if basketball allowed fisticuffs... actually, that'd be entertaining... and also for getting a new title, what's the story behind that?
  9. Been away on a trip... what did I miss? O__O

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Asparagus


      Thnax <3

    3. Pyromailmann


      A lot of my drawings.

    4. DragonMage156


      And a lot of my drawings and Lipton's thicc art ;) (if you follow those threads)

  10. Ban datshadowjk because if you guys follow the rules, there wouldn't be a "job" for me to do in the first place O__O <3 sweet sweet train child @Pyromailmann , I thank thee <3
  11. Klei the social media/dating site