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  1. *ahem* http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=705076359 - Daniel http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839280973 - Erik More to come from the Company of Creators...
  2. Ban pyro because no spaghetti arms sweaty Ban watermelen twice for not being able to be banned by @Destros09 I'd be happy to give you a tutorial... just the two of us... O__O In the dark... Alone... in a room... with my knives hanging on the ceiling... waiting for you to step on a pressure plate and impale you O__O
  3. You forgot the HERMITS. They tend to keep to themselves usually in a far off base of their own, alone, but occasionally interact with the main base to either help out provide assistance... living alone is less of a hassle for some... Also, the Travelling Merchants... These ones are a sub-category of explorers and are usually found when there are more than one "main" base in a map. They are usually the ones who get the good loot early on and horde them and occasionally yell out to the world that they will trade for stuff. They are also usually good enough at the game that they don't require much of the base amenities such as tents, crockpots, or the like usuallly sporting a piggyback or even a krampus sack on rare occasions... a fun addition to any server as if they were a smart AI that provides you with options...
  4. ...

    WTH did I miss? O__O


    1. Arlesienne


      Beat you.


    2. Destros09


      Me starting a revolution against ass Pegasus In the forum game, more metheus, new skins

  5. I would imagine them also have a chance to refuse to perform certain actions actions and would only do stuff like get a massage, take a shower, but not help out with digging and stuff until their stress levels get low enough...
  6. We need a repository on all this "confirmed" lore... preferrably pinned and made by either a dev or even a mod... new people get confused when we mention old and hidden stuff O__O
  7. Nah, I actually imagine my taking my grandkids in here... and then regret doing it as the forums are a source of memes and will generally make them worse people... jk luv u klei forums O__O
  8. O__O
  9. Huh... I guess it was removed... haven't been doing it much recently to know when it was removed .-. But the wiki entry still states that it can **shrugs** http://dontstarve.wikia.com/wiki/Night_Light Ech, single player wiki... the wiki needs to be updated for DST stuff too...
  10. So they managed to get a pickaxe and rocks, plus logs to make a fire pit in that short amount of time, or was a firepit already provided for them? Either way, they knew how to survive somewhat... though not as good as walking into the cold to make a living kind of deal yet... ... Or you probably sent innocents to their dooms... O__O <3
  11. **Adds more to the complaint page a.k.a. Page 4** craftables with the gunpowder as a recipe like the coconade in SW would be nice >_> But I love the rest of the update <3 O__O
  12. @The Curator, is the spacing intentional?
  13. Btw, you can light a Night Light with a fire staff... just adding this in as it hasn't been mentioned yet... I think...
  14. Apparently, majority of trolls love playing as Webber... haven't been in a public server in a while but last night, 2 webbers came in and I just didnt build a base and just put down an alchemy engine and crafted all that I needed... needless to say, bases were burnt, the earth was salted, spider dens were placed on the portal, items were stolen and general death and destruction came in... I had fun reviving everyone and having the power of life and death... revived the troll webber while they all kept spitting profanities at the webber after I kept asking who I can trust to revive... <3
  15. Yep... but we can't discount the possibility of Klei paving the way for cross platform games to be a thing... if they somehow do <_< **inb4 they're already sacrificing more and more potatocups for the cause...**