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  1. Hmm, doesn't the telelocator staff function differently in the caves? Ashamed as I am, I have not made the telelocator focus in the caves because I just assumed that it would just make rocks fall from the ceilings instead of making a successful teleport :T
  2. O__O About the Bone Armor:
  3. So glad they're renewable ;v;
  4. Oh... I thought: Yellow = teeth green = gaping hole from when they emerge from their cocoons O__O
  5. ^ Having finally acquired the damn thing, I played with it a bit and found it was suited to tanking since the armor's shield would cool down before a mob like the treeguard can attack again, though I guess I found it more useful against fighting terror beaks with 450+ ping .-. so it's technically not OP as other people say it is since the armor itself does not protect you but instead, the shield it generates is the one protecting you...
  6. If that's the case, then the forms would be: Atrium Statue --> Mage statue --> Shadows? Well philosophically, sure, the advancement of society came at the cost of their souls... making their outsides sophisticated while they were getting more and more rotten on the inside... eventually, this evil bursts out of them and their primal forms burst out even more devolved... ... There's something about the progression the ruins and becoming more and more "civilized" the further away it is from the Atrium... like sure keeping to that, they were lowly and desperate and created the portal/sought power from the portal and then made their civilization making the starting point the Atrium, the heart and the civilization branching out of it to what we now see as the ruins... but that could also contradict with the depictions of the murals... in a way... **stomach grumbles** I need food O__O **gets up from computer and does not finish post**
  7. I don't know how I forgot to mention... The Nightmare fuel appears to be "devolving" the ancient's forms but inversely, evolving their minds... We see that the original depiction of the ancients were more, for a lack of a better word, "dapper" than the atrium forms... which would mean that from the more sophisticated forms, the nightmare fuel "devolved" their forms into that of a more nightmarish state, growing spines on their backs, the faces receding into their bodies and ultimately, hardening and shedding its skin and (as stated in a quote of monsters bursting out of them) coming out as the nightmare creatures... as with the evolutionary process seen in the real world, snakes used to have limbs which receded back as time passed; we would explain why the arms are not present in the terror beaks... EDIT: Or he could be looking at his hands saying "what have we done?" but then again, it changes to a form where it's raising up nightmare fuel so there's that...
  8. I actually just made this as a one-shot but if I were to continue this... I imagine that there was a final battle for the ruins, the nightmares, the survivors (and maybe a few pigmen, rabbitmen, and broken clockworks) fight against the Shadows/Ancients. Charlie helping out the survivors by banishing a few nightmares here and there and occasionally supplying them with healing items and food all the while, the Shadow Weaver is trying to close the atrium portal that has nightmares pouring out of it; the survivors and the Shadow weaver have now agreed to work together after their initial encounter... the battle continues and casualties are numerous, and so are the nightmares and their seemingly endless numbers. The survivors fall one by one, Maxwell and Wendy are the last two, after Wickerbottom and WX make a tag-team effort and ends up with WX exploding to keep a large horde from overpowering them but there were too many, and the portal keeps pumping out more nightmare fuel that turn into nightmare creatures... with the last of Maxwell's power he summons more Shadow Puppets and hold off the remaining threats, Abigail is summoned after all the deaths around her recharged her energies and she too holds off the nightmares... Wendy then sprints toward the portal and helps the Shadow Weaver take out the Key... Meanwhile, Charlie in the Throne room, is holding off the Nightmares with her powers as well as helping out Wendy and the Shadow Weaver... but she looked away for a second and ended up being struck down... but at that moment, the two (Wendy and the Shadow Weaver) were able to pull it out and the portal closes. With the last of Maxwell, Charlie and the Shadow Weaver's powers, they lend their powers to Wendy and transport her to the Throne room and pick off the remaining shadows surrounding Charlie... but Charlie is now too weak... her energies are fading... The throne seeks another host... the ground, no the world trembles, it's collapsing in on itself... and with that, she sacrifices herself and sits on the throne. Shadows envelop her and is transformed into the new queen... she stabilizes the world and commands the earth to be still... all is now well... Charlie fades into dust and shadows... the throne room is transformed into her image and likeness... lol
  9. Thought this might come in handy Also yes, @Zeklo stated with the character quotes, we can assume with some assurance that The ancients were "not mammalian in nature " but are more "insect-like" Nightmare fuel changes and corrupts those who use it in excess already proven and canon as with the Ancient Guardian being being "changed" The ancient statues in the atrium closely resembles a corrupted version of what the Mage Statue looks like. These insect-people are stated to have "shed" their skins and so we can also assume that through the excessive use of the nightmare fuel, they had developed their society but at the cost of their forms, the more they use the fuel, the more they are corrupted. The nightmare fuel corrupts and changes and with the ancients using them in excess, they too would fall victim to this. Stated before, they "shed their skin" which holds up the theory that the ancients who changed in 2 phases: From their normal form (The form depicted in the Mage statue) into the form they took depicted in the Atrium statues Then from the form depicted in the Atrium statues and then "molting" out of it and into the Terror Beak. The same could be assumed of the "Head" statue" and the Crawling horror if this line of thinking were to be followed though no depiction of the corrupt form of the Head statue is yet to be seen. Again, nightmare fuel changes and corrupts and therefore we can also assume that like the Ancient Guardian, the Shadow Weaver was also one of the ancients but since he -- titled the "Shadow Weaver", his de facto title -- would be assumed to have handled more nightmare fuel than anyone and therefore become more corrupted/or had another reaction to the nightmare fuel changing him into a horned being. The Ancient Weaver-- and @Spaartan posts at this point of me writing...
  10. "The Throne suits us well..." Wendy said, bored and distant. She stands up and moves toward a giant mirror... she raises her hand. A vision of the world... the forests, the caves... it was dark, yet she sees... her former companions, scared, alone... separated by space and time... She sees her uncle... confused, scared... clutching Charlie's limp and pale body, tears dripping down his face as he looks at her, hopeless. Wendy stares at the vision, but as she does, a large, ominous presence draws close... its pressure pressing the air around it, making it hard to breathe... a common scare tactic. She blinks slowly and deliberately and Abigail materializes behind her staring into the darkness; her figure resembling that of Wendy's yet more ethereal; a ghostly glow surrounding her. Abigail moves forward and the shadows recede... Wendy returns to the Throne, the vision following her. As she sat down, the court was silent, the Shadows anticipating her next action, they wait, Abigail standing at the foot of the throne, she was her knight. "Mr. Skits." she called. A sliver of shadow slithering away from the eyes in the darkness toward the foot of the throne... "Y-y-yes, my queen?" he nervously voiced. "Send... a package to the fallen king, with my regards." At this, he bowed and curled into himself, then disappearing. The the breaking dawn casts its light on Charlie's face... Maxwell continues to weep. At that, Mr. Skits materializes in front of him. "What are you doing here?" Maxwell says without looking away from Charlie. "Your nie-- The queen has tasked me to deliver this to you..." A shadow slowly rises from the ground and imploding into a puff of smoke and leaving a package in its place. "She seems to keep THEM in line quite well, I don't get bullied as much as I used to..." says Mr. Skits nonchalantly and with that, he disappears. Maxwell reaches for the package and opens it revealing a jar of Jelly Beans, some honey poultice, a torch, and some meatballs along with a note. Maxwell makes a subtle and sad smile. He wipes away his tears and reads the note... Dear uncle, You have done enough, now it's my turn... I will not let you suffer... much... Love, Wendy P.S. No need for any concern, Abigail and I are doing just fine... I will be sending the hounds on the morrow; it would be best start preparing. And with that, he laughs at the top of his lungs... both with relief and despair. "Looks like we're stuck here, eh Charlie?" She is quiet and still. The shadow flames slowly receding from her right arm. He wraps up the package and ties it around himself. He lifts Charlie up and over his shoulders and he limps toward the rising sun. The rose on her head is wilting; with every step he takes a petal falls to the ground... The other survivors, broken and bruised, the battle is won, the queen has been dethroned, but at what cost? They are no closer to escaping this place...
  11. I'm sorry giddy, what was that?
  12. It seems you think the fight with the Shadow Weaver's the final one...