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  1. My official congratulations to our new Gold Moderator *claps*Capture.PNG

    Time to wreak some havoc!

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      Yep... just like you said... all hail Giratin"E"

    4. ImDaMisterL
  2. I can die peacefully now... (wait... where's Biiigfoot?!) O__O
  3. Imagine Klei as the mafia... inb4, forum artists draw the klei staff as the mafia...
  4. Did someone say, "shipping people way past valentines day?!"
  5. What a glorious profile pic you have there... the Melon Lord @T4T3RGR3NAD3R would be proud... *single melon seed falls from eye*
  6. You can find multiple fossils that could make up more than 1 of these "Ancient Beasts"... It begs the question, "How many Ancient Beasts are there?" And if so... how are they related to the Ancient Civilization? *H.P. Lovecraft scratches his bum in his grave*
  7. I don't think so. That would clash with the existing canon and would ruin (badum-screech) the Single Player game. I would guess a rework of the caves that will be in line with one of the old updates/rework of the caves where in the more you go deeper into the caves, the harder it will be... it showed cave entrances on the fringe of the caves and an exceedingly harsher biome being mapped towards the center... which now I guess would be called the atrium... the heart of the the caves... the ruins... even deeper than that... the source of the nightmare fuel that corrupted the ancient civilization and even the guardian itself... this is getting juicy... O__O
  8. Ban Destros09 for being a savage
  9. Ban Destros09 for perpetuating the idea of the Mafia thread be revived...
  10. Ban Mobbstar for hindering Destros' Freedom of Screech O__O
  11. Last year, we got the cards in advance... this year, I got my hands on it after Valentine's Day...
  12. Valentine's Day ends at lunch time for me... *go to work or nah?* *sighs*
  13. *wakes up, checks phone... RUNS TO COMPUTER AND WILL ALMOST MISS WORK* *EDIT: Also the cards came a little bit late don't you think, Klei T_T? *EDIT2: