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  • Biography I don't exactly have much to talk about. I plan to get into game design & Programming (for video games). I play video games, draw, and that's basically it.
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  1. I mean, I don't like any pizza that isn't cheese pizza so I don't know how to respond to this.
  2. So here's my product. Spray on shoes. *drops pencil*
  3. Got more stuffs Made this yesturday but I didn't want to post it until today. An industrial looking background. Also this one. I was going for light people on dark backgrounds but it turned into just "This guy is purple now." Drew a Weirdobob with a Pyro in the background.
  4. This guy is pretty cool

    1. Cyborgspaceninja
    2. Pyromailmann


      Thanks? Just don't mention me for my title in the future.

  5. Ban watermelen for a meme that's from 2012.
  6. Titles don't mean much in the end. I think there's some member who's inactive, spent years on these forums with potentially thousands of posts who doesn't have a title. That's the way I see it, anyway.
  7. You have a topic that is then subsided by another topic that isn't the topic of the thread. Example: Steps: I don't know how to answer that one... I mean, really. The closest I've gotten to Klei is either being cool with L (ImDaMisterL) or talking to Joe-W about an issue. That and being reported. That, can be pretty easy but I do not advise this as it gives you some bad reputation sometimes.
  8. Ban DatShadow for using multiple reasons.
  9. I think Maxwell and Charlie shouldn't be on the throne. Both have ruined the world in some way, bringing people in. I would want Wes or one of the Shadow Watchers to be on the throne.
  10. Ban watermelen because I forgiv him (sorta?)
  11. Ban watermelen for not getting the memo
  12. 2 things I made for the art show at my school. The Astroneer guy is painted but needs to dry and probably needs to be painted in some spots again. A concept for a game I thought up a while ago. Gotta go fast And that's how Pyros were made. Idk prob some error from that cloning machine I tried doing Sr.Pelo's woomy.
  13. I don't know why, but I feel like I'm getting tired on the Klei Forums, the people are nice, but I haven't exactly touched the other sections minus the Off-Topic. Might need to go into serious lurk mode.

    1. Asparagus


      OOORR actually go into the other parts of the forums... like even ONI's forums :T

    2. DragonMage156


      Yeah. I mean I started visiting the ONI art section since I'm planning on starting a thread there myself (once I draw DragonDupe (yes that's what I'm calling her)). Then again, it's really up to you.

  14. Ban watermelen because Google played a part in ruining Youtube.