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  • Biography I don't exactly have much to talk about. I plan to get into game design & Programming (for video games). I play video games, draw, and that's basically it.
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  1. Probably, yeah, just need to take un-game screenshots and use them for references.
  2. Sweating Pyro Sort-of drew my Fallout Character. A Pyro-face drawn in Permanent Marker Meme Something, forgot why I drew this. A dimension-thingy, inspired by Zen from the Half-Life games (even thought it was only seen really in HL1 and the Gearbox Expansions but still) Unfinished ceramic piece
  3. "Well, if 'e's gonna sleep, we should totally just leave him because an unknown area with which we have little to not known knowlege about where there's most likely no protection." Pyro looked at the others, they probably weren't fine with the sarcastic comment. "I'll just... drag 'em.. I guess." And with some grunting and sounds that sounded like cracking between joints that had been idle, Pyro had picked up a very heavy dragon. "Man, who knew something that weighs tons could be heavy, am I right?"
  4. Pyro pays attention to the conversation surprisingly. "Well, we can't head back, obviously, so let's go to the mountain." (Pyro also forgets if there's a bridge or not.)
  5. Pyro silently looked behind and saw that the others were right, there wasn't a door. "Well, that's comforting to know, how're we supposed to get back now?"
  6. Ban L because I'm not a moderator.
  7. Ban LadyD for doing their job.
  8. ban watermelen because for calling somebody a farming tool.
  9. I did.
  10. "Man this cave is big!" Pyro exclaimed as he continued to follow Ysuleah for what felt like months.
  11. consider me a supporter, looks like a nice idea.
  12. Samurai Jack, Steven Universe and Rick and Morty.
  13. Here's a ceramic work. I made this in Ceramics months ago but it broke and so I had to glue it back together with Epoxy. Front: Back:
  14. Lol good one. That's not my face.
  15. It's the bottom of my calculator but it looks like a face. It's a Fidget Spinner. I forget why I drew this. I guess it's supposed to be like a squiggly Pyro.