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Update Trailer: Strange New Powers!

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So what exactly is Wendy's perk?

Abigail's mechanics have been reworked... In short, she can be summoned manually, but it has a cooldown. Also, Wendy suffers less sanity reduction from evil things, but also does less damage in a fight.
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I want a Woodie wallpaper. Please. That looks awesome.

I believe that she will be able to summon Abigail at will now. I may be mistaken though, but I believe this was mentioned in the Caves pre-update stream.

You are correct.
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I just had to log in to say that this update is something I'm reaaallly looking forward to and that I'm really impressed too! you guys at Klei ent are amazing! :D

I know you. Anyway, there's a good amount of new stuff that wasn't even shown in the trailer (though it's work-in-progress stuff) :)
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Ladies & gentlemen, I got it! Throughout the video there are random letters: ''NOT, HIN, GSP, EC, IAL, ILI (or \L/), HIN, GSP, EC, IAL.'' I think i missed some, but still. This must be some kind of code!

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