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  1. Impossible to dig sand

    A block of sand fell and when I had a dupe dig it, it never finishes digging. I've attached two screenshots of my dupe digging it and the task not being completed. As a side note, my dupe is gaining digging skill from this. Edit: Also, upon resuming the save, the sand dug instantly.
  2. I can mostly confirm with what people said here. I didn't have any small batteries for them to destroy and I only had one manual generator.
  3. I had my destructive dupes only destroy my manual generator. Once it was broken, they'd go back to their tasks while remaining stressed. Not sure if this is intended. More importantly, if it was left broken, other dupes becoming stressed wouldn't break anything and would stay on task. I continued for a while after the bug was produced. I'm not sure if this will affect how useful the log file is.
  4. Wendy has been a character I always liked, but now that Abigail doesn't leave (unless she dies), I find myself playing Wendy all the time. Having a constant companion around is nice, and I always imagine Wendy as she was portrayed in Raven Crow's comics. It makes her very fun and makes survival interesting. It kinda does feel like a few adjustments need to be made to Abigail though. She makes hunting Koalefant ridiculously easy. The koalefant doesn't run from her, so I just have her start the fight and just go all out while wearing a log suit. Either way, Wendy is by far my favorite. But there will always be a special place in my heart for Wilson, my original favorite.
  5. how u mine for silk?

    Best way I've found is to take a trap, go during the day and place the trap on the webbing, and step on it to attract the spiders. The spiders will walk by to check. If you run away a bit, they will not chase you and one of them will be caught in the trap. When you check the trap, it counts the spider as killed, and you get one of its drops, possibly silk. Repeat this process until the nest is empty and leave. Come back the next day and repeat the process. Also, when the spider nest is tier 3, trap the spiders until it is empty. Then destroy the nest to get a lot of silk and prevent the nest from becoming a spider queen. The nest will also drop spider eggs, which can be used to plant a new spider nest in a more convenient location. This way, you can keep up an easy farm.
  6. I believe that she will be able to summon Abigail at will now. I may be mistaken though, but I believe this was mentioned in the Caves pre-update stream.
  7. Insanity Puzzle :D

    I remember that. Like I said, I'm not really sure. I'm just tossing ideas around right now. The saying "What matters most is on the inside" made me think that removing the outer layers of letters may yield a different result. Or maybe "Your eyes deceive you" representing I's instead of eyes. Again, I could be very far off with this. Just a couple ideas.
  8. Insanity Puzzle :D

    Most of the characters do. Sorry if this is fairly obvious (as you can see, I'm new to the forums) but all of the playable characters names start with a W. And Maxwell's name starting with an M or an upside-down W. I get the feeling there is something more significant to that with the puzzle, but I could be way off. Also, maybe the hint from last time:"Your eyes deceive youI'm afraid they've liedwhat matters mostis on the inside."Maybe that has some significance here. I didn't see where it had any last time, so maybe it has something to do with this.
  9. Insanity Puzzle :D

    The game has had a running theme of Ms and Ws, maybe there is a patter with those. It's hard to say though. I've never been good at Cryptograms.