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  1. Good show, I say! I haven't played the game once, but I have bought the game earlier this year and I heard about the game about an entire year from now! I am so jelious that your computers could run it. This seems like a near-end update with the title of the updates and all of those bugfixes, is there any word on future updates? Also, I'm still crossing my fingers for a Wii U release!
  2. That's good! 1% of everyone who plays Don't Starve is older than 50! I always knew that there would be some nonagenarians out there that enjoy knocking out giant birds with a Spiked-Tentacle while wearing a Dapper Vest and Top Hat, it reminds them of the good old days. I'm part of the youngest group who plays Don't Starve, as I am still not 16 yet. Close, but I guess that I'm in the same group as a simple four-year old. I've been playing video games before I even went to pre-school, and that was on a Game Boy Color. Would anybody like to try my age for gamer years?
  3. Wasn't Wilson the one who designed it in the first place? Ask Wilson, he might consider it.