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  1. Hatching Tallbird egg

    Depending on how long it takes the pigs to respawn, you could kill them off for the time while you hatch the tallbird egg!
  2. The characters from op's post don't exactly appeal to me, but NEW new characters would be very welcome! *throws scornful glance at Pyro*
  3. Hatching Tallbird egg

    You can make a fire pit that's out of the range of pigs and hatch your egg there.
  4. Mods have ruined this game for me....

    Darn the temptation of optional content! Darn it to heck!
  5. Permadeath should definitely be a thing. You usually don't die in the game unless you make some really big mistake, and with other people to help out it'll be even more difficult to end up dead. That said, it would be great if they added a method of ressurecting a fallen ally.
  6. Superstitions?

    I don't leave it on the ground, either. I keep it in a chest that's a few screens away from my base. It's quite a ways from my tooth trap pit, so no stray fire hounds should be able to light it on fire. (last time I've put a bunch of slurtle slime on the ground in preparation for a giant and, yep, a flaming dog ruined the whole trap)
  7. Superstitions?

    I don't like storing explosives (gunpowder/slurtle slime) in the chests in my base, even if I have an ice flingomatic I wouldn't want to take the chances of them getting set on fire...
  8. Your Worst Moment

    Respawned at a touchstone in a swamp, managed to get out of there while picking up my items along the way (must've died somewhere close, can't remember exactly since it was a while ago) but suffered lots of damage from the tentacles. After that I tried to get some food from killing birds, I decided to use a boomerang, but accidentally hit myself and died again. That's how you waste your two touchstones, folks!
  9. Would feel better about this if Klei hadn't repeatedly stated that Multiplayer isn't a possibility. It makes me feel somewhat lied to.
  10. some art :D

    Aww...~ I could never be as sweet as you, though~
  11. Vingw take your Tallbird

  12. some art :D

    *eye twitch* I feel violated.
  13. some art :D

    I'm dissapointed... I thought he had better taste than that!
  14. Gif Thread